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For 120.00 per year you’ll get:

1. Your business description, contact information and your logo or picture – send a 300 x 300 .jpg or .gif or a small banner

2. A link to your website ( if you need a website, try or call us )

3 An announcement of your business in “Latest News”

~ If you have two businesses, list both businesses for a total of $175/year

Payment Information

Email or call about advertising:    or 828.215.2915

We accept PayPal and Credit Cards through PayPal

Payment is due in advance

(Non-Profit Programs: If you would like to be included into our Shop Local Directory please write or call 828-215-2915 for information about the process and special pricing….it’s easy!)


SIDEBAR AD Packages …look to the right >

All Sidebars roam throughout the magazine pages. For Sidebar examples, look to the right side of this page under “Our Sponsors”

There are three options of Sidebar Ads to purchase:  Text Sidebar, Graphic Sidebar, Large Graphic Sidebar

     For $190.00/year  you’ll get:

     a Text Sidebar that has your company name with a sentence description of your business that links directly

     to your website, along with:

  • A complimentary Business Directory Ad

  • A complimentary announcement of your business on our FaceBook page


         For $295.00 per year you’ll get:

         a Graphic Sidebar 300 pixels wide by 150 pixels high that links directly to your website along with:

  • A complimentary Business Directory Ad

  • A complimentary announcement of your business on our FaceBook page

    For $350.00 per year you’ll get:

    a Premium Graphic Sidebar 300 pixels wide x 300 pixels high that links directly to your website, along with:

  • A complimentary Business Directory Ad

  • A complimentary announcement of your business on our FaceBook page


TOP BANNER AD Packages … look to the top of the page ^

Top Banners roam throughout the magazine at the top of each page. (Look at the top of this page under our logo and menu)

1 . Regular Top Banners: $575.00/year  or

2. Premium Top Banners: $725.00/year and weighted to show up twice as often as the Regular Top Banner or

3. Banner Ad & Sidebar Combo: $950 per year for a Premium Banner and  a Premium Graphic Sidebar –  more position exposure per page

**Premium Top Banners can be paid in two payments

You’ll also get a large complimentary Shop Local WNC Business Directory ad with a picture and link to your website.

Your ad will also be featured on the SheVille FaceBook page.

We publish only a limited number of top banners at a time so your business gets premium exposure throughout the year. Along with the Banner you get placement in the Business Directory, and two informational press releases through the year, that is, not an advertisement but rather information that is of use to our readers about your work. 

Send us your Banner 600 pixels wide x 132 pixels high at high resolution in .gif or .jpg format, or send us your .jpg or .gif pics and we’ll create your banner for a design fee of $50.00.  We will create your directory ad with information taken directly from your website.  You will see all your advertising for proofing and send us the ‘go ahead’ by email.

That’s it!

Payment Information

Email or call about advertising requests or questions:    or 828.215.2915

Once we know what you want we will send you an invoice. Payment is due in advance.

We accept PayPal or Credit Cards payment through PayPal. 




~ We will publish your press release for your special event up to 2 months preceding the event. Certain events that match our Mission will also be included into SheVille’s FB and Twitter. Please send us your information in a Word document or an email and include .jpgs you want us to use. 

~We will publish your ongoing classes, workshop or events throughout the year  All documents can have a picture as well as active links.

NB Send in a completed document that needs little or no editing.  Include a .jpg or.gif digital pictures.  (Allow 5 -7 days for publication)

TELL US ABOUT YOUR EVENT and we’ll let you know the charge for what you want to do.  Non-profit programs are eligible for in-kind event advertising. EVENT POSTING PRICING from $30.OO SINGLE EVENT TO $240.00 PER YEAR UP TO 12 EVENTS.  Email or call about advertising:    or 828.215.2915

If you already advertise with SheVille and have events you want publicized

~ Your important event or announcement can be seen on SheVille.  We will publish, free of charge, 2 announcements per year. (Please allow 5 – 7 days for publication.)

~ Entertainment venues who have ongoing events of interest to our readers can request an ongoing presence on a particular page of the magazine such as “Things to Do” or “Performing Arts”.

Note: Your announcement should be in the form of an offering that has useful content for our readership and fits with our mission. No”infomercials” please.  (All announcements are subject to space and editorial approval)



 for NonProfit, Arts, & Social Justice Programs

Because we believe that viable non-profit programs are essential to a healthy community, offers in-kind media sponsorship for your major fundraising event. 

As you know, advertising can be expensive. of WNC is in a prime position in the online marketplace to give you expansive visibility for your event.

You’ll get all the following placements in Each placement will include your active website link:

* Your Press Release introduced in Latest News and in the appropriate section(s) of the magazine for up to 2 months. 

* A Feature’s or Frontpage Banner that will run for up to 2 months prior to your event. Send us your 480 wide by 380 high banner .jpg or.gif  and your logo in high resolution.. 

* Your program information and schedule will be included into the appropriate content page of the magazine. All your materials will include a graphic.

This advertising package is valued at $1000.00.  Space for in-kind advertising is limited per month, so please send in your request as early as you can. Email: 828.215.2915

**What we ask in return is that you TELL YOUR BOARD, FRIENDS & FAMILIES ABOUT SHEVILLE.ORG OF WNC, as well as name SheVille as a sponsor on your website and in sponsorship information for the event as you are able. Please also refer anyone who might be looking for local / regional marketing for their business!

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