SheVille of WNC is the Online Community Magazine for Women. We are a one-of-a-kind women's magazine that provides local, regional, national and international information about women's lives and education, the performing and visual arts and writing, the environment, green living and sustainability and regional Western North Carolina people and events.

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We give visibility to regional grassroots businesses and communities affordably for our advertisers because we have no printing nor distribution cost.  Our staff efforts focus on making sure is prominent on the web.  Search for "Asheville Women" and see who's on the first page!

We welcome those readers and regional businesses who share our mission and community focus. We promote local WNC businesses, educators, farmers, artists and writers by offering affordable advertising, a community calendar and the publication of special event press releases. We also can offer our members personalized small business consultation and referral for web marketing services

See what's going on 24/7 at and let us know what's important to you. The SheVille Community Calendar is free and available to everyone. Send us the info for your important upcoming events. We want to hear from you!

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Our Mission

  • to provide a current resource for our readers in the areas of women’s lives and education, sustainability and the environment, the arts, local and regional people and events

  • to feature those elements of community that energize, inspire and encourage collaboration

  • to promote and give affordable visibility to local and regional entrepreneurs, educators, farmers, artists and writers

  • to provide a safe and supportive web environment for our readers, advertisers and contributors

We value and have as our guiding principles the feminist ideals of creativity, balance, collaboration, compassion, sustainability, and environmental preservation that challenge greed, exploitation and domination.

An Historic Note

SheVille (that's Asheville without the "A") was begun in 1997 by Leigh Wilkerson as a small, local news, events and advertising vehicle solely for the lesbian community in Western North Carolina. In January 2005 the name SheVille was purchased and registered as a trademark by Va Boyle and Jean Cassidy. Their idea was to create an inclusive, online women's magazine that would easily and affordably bring greater visibility for small, regional communities in the web marketplace.

Over the next five years efforts were focused on finding and developing content that was important to our readers and in deciding how that information could be presented online in a visually pleasing manner.  Along with this consideration we had to hone our business and marketing plans to match our mission of offering appealing and affordable advertising. By the end of 2010 SheVille was ready to debut as a Woman's Online Community Magazine with over 900 pages enjoyed by a large readership averaging 300,000 hits a month and 2500 unique monthly visitors initially.

As of 2011, SheViille had "come of age". In responding to requests nationally for a SheVille presence in other states and regions, SheVille will be introduced to other regional markets, consequently the current SheVille will now be known as SheVille of Western North Carolina. Other SheVille communities will have their own regional identification, e.g. SheVille of  Rehoboth Beach. Since 2012 SheVille's monthly hits have averaged over one million/month with 4700 unique visitors each month.

Stay tuned ...

Jean | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SheVille Owners and Managers

Jean Cassidy, Owner & Managing Editor   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jean grew up in Chicago and began her business career at age 8 as founder and CEO of “The Scrub Club” a cleaning business she began with neighborhood children. She spent her professional career in community mental health, helping develop and manage clinical mental health services at Hampton House, Detroit, Michigan, St. Joseph Hospital in Tampa.Florida, Catholic Rural Social Services in Cumming, Georgia, Psychological & Educational Consultants in Gainesville, Georgia and Mountain Area Health Education Center Ob/Gyn Residency Program in Asheville, North Carolina. She has been a member of the community chorus Womansong of Asheville since 1996 


Dan Cropper, Technical Manager  

Dan is president and CEO of The Straight Edge Companies & WNC Advertising. Every company is the by-product of its founder's cumulative life experiences. After attaining advanced degrees in business from one of New York's finest business schools and spending many years working within the confines of traditional advertising agencies and marketing services, Dan & Malena Cropper founded The Straight Edge Companies recognizing the fact that the old advertising and marketing approaches of the past several decades were no longer the path to grabbing new prospect attention and securing new business. Since its beginnings in 2004, The Straight Edge Companies have grown into a nation-wide network of marketing production professionals spanning the country and making a tangible difference in the bottom lines of hundreds of client companies. The Straight Edge Companies are small and privately owned.  Straight Edge Website 


Va Boyle, Owner and Consultant

Va (Virginia) was born in Malvern, Arkansas, the youngest of five. She is a doctoral level (PhD) clinical psychologist with expertise in children, family, couple, and group psychotherapy. She developed and directed a program for severely emotionally disturbed children and adolescents in Brunswick, Georgia. For over ten years she taught undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of child development and emotionally disturbed youth. She owned and managed a private, clinical practice first in Georgia, then in North Carolina for over twenty-five years. Va has lived in WNC since 1995.


SheVille Focus Group:

Our focus group members provide us with their ideas and suggestions for SheVille.  We assess where we're going and what changes and new ideas need to be implemented.  The task, of course, is limitless and that's what makes it fun.  If you have an interest in being a part of a SheVille focus group please write and let us know.


Rain Hummingbird - Animal Commnicator

Amy Mandel -  Community activist and philanthropist.  Contact Amy at SheVille at 828-215-2915



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