Women's Lives & Education

Why study women, minorities, or other controversial subjects at all? The answer is: a good liberal education (liberal as in "freedom") teaches people to think both "inside the box" and "outside the box".  Gender studies programs can encourage students to creatively examine their surroundings and learn to identify both the empowering and dis-empowering properties of words and deeds and to consider the relationship of race, gender, class and ethnicity as well as the manifestation and effects of gender bias in society.   Your suggestions and submissions are welcomed.

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Blake: I am an NC woman. HB 2 is not protecting me
Nuns Are Dressing Up As Prostitutes To Rescue Victims Of Trafficking
LGBT Groups Call for Asheville to Pass Non-Discrimination Ordinance that Creates Local Protections for LGBT Community
Sexist School Dress Codes Can Be Changed


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