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Ruth Marcus: Most Recent Articles and Archives Get the latest articles from Ruth Marcus articles and view preview articles in the Ruth Marcus archive from The Washington Post.
  • Afghanistan’s quietly forceful first lady
    The most striking thing about interviewing Rula Ghani, the first lady of Afghanistan, may be that the interview is taking place at all. Consider: Zeenat Karzai, the physician wife of former Afghan president Hamid Karzai, was rarely seen in public during her husband’s decade-long tenure. Read full article >>

  • The miseducation of Scott Walker
    In terms of his fitness for the presidency, the fact that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker fell short of graduating from college is interesting but ultimately immaterial. What is relevant — and concerning — is how he talks about the issue.Read full article >>

  • The judge immigration foes wanted
    One thing that is certain about Monday’s ruling by a federal judge in Texas blocking implementation of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration reform — it won’t be the last word. Nonetheless, the opinion is worth noting for three reasons: first, what it says about the depressing politicization of the federal judiciary; second, and related, what it suggests about the conservative face of judicial activism; third, what its implications may be for the coming showdown on funding for the Department of Homeland Security.Read full article >>

  • Congress’s war duty
    It may be the triumph of hope over headlines to imagine that a Congress currently incapable of funding the Department of Homeland Security could pass a new war authorization. Funding DHS should be a no-brainer. Crafting an authorization for the use of military force is fraught with bipartisan disagreements over scope and further complicated by Republican distrust of President Obama. Read full article >>

  • Brian Williams needs to go
    Indecision may not be the best quality in a columnist, but in the case of NBC News anchor Brian Williams, that’s what I find in myself: I doubt that the six-month suspension the network announced Tuesday night is enough, and I think he needs to step down. Read full article >>


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