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  • The debt: Mission unaccomplished
    Oh, the debt. Yawn. How passe. How 2009.Once, President Obama held a summit on fiscal responsibility (2009). Once, he gave an entire speech devoted to the subject (2011). Once, his State of the Union addresses (2010, 2011, 2013) were studded with double-digit references to the problem of sky-high deficits and lingering mountains of debt.Read full article >>

  • Ruth Marcus: A GOP ‘sanity caucus’?
    Are we witnessing the emergence of what might be called a new “sanity caucus” among House Republicans?This month, 26 of them voted against an amendment to undo President Obama’s program to shield so-called dreamers from deportation.Read full article >>

  • The allure of leave and community college policies
    This is a tale of two policies promoted by President Obama: one to make community college free, the other to provide for paid sick leave and parental leave. Both are well-intentioned efforts to address fundamental, economic-based inequities. Only one — the leave policy — should be adopted.Read full article >>

  • In France, fuzziness on free speech
    Iwould have thought the French had a better sense of irony.One day they are marching in defiant support of offensive speech. The next they are threatening to prosecute people for it. Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, a distinctly unfunny and anti-Semitic comedian, was arrested and charged with “incitement of terrorism” after a Facebook post seemed to express sympathy for the gunman who killed four people at a Paris kosher supermarket. Read full article >>

  • Keystone XL and the politics of symbolism over substance
    The Senate debate over the Keystone XL pipeline, as predictable as it is unedifying, exemplifies two of the most disturbing aspects of political discourse today.The first is what might be called “talk-to-the-hand-ism” — or, perhaps updated to the tactic of New York City police officers — “turn-your-back-ism.” Read full article >>


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