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Ruth Marcus: Most Recent Articles and Archives Get the latest articles from Ruth Marcus articles and view preview articles in the Ruth Marcus archive from The Washington Post.
  • Despite a tough year, an optimistic mood in the White House
    After a grueling year that cost Democrats the Senate majority, the mood at the White House is remarkably chipper. The hyper-competitive president put post-election points on the board with an executive action on immigration, a historic overhaul of Cuba policy and a spending bill that, while flawed, managed to fund administration priorities and provide a year of certainty.Read full article >>

  • Dick Cheney’s tortured logic
    Does Dick Cheney matter? Are the former vice president’s comments on the torture report worth dissecting?Some friends, as I mused the other day about what topic to tackle, argued no: Cheney is history. Too easy a target. Enough about torture. What about a nice holiday column?Read full article >>

  • Ruth Marcus: The ‘Cromnibus’ isn’t without an upside
    The so-called Cromnibus is an ugly piece of work. On balance, I’m glad — no, make that relieved — it passed the House. The Cromnibus is the giant $1.1 trillion spending bill that will keep the government functioning — no, make that open — through the end of the fiscal year in September. Read full article >>

  • Exposing the CIA’s stain on America
    Releasing the Senate intelligence committee’s report on torture wasn’t even close to a close call. It was a necessary, if infuriatingly belated, corollary to the choice not to prosecute those who relied on faulty legal advice in engaging in such repugnant practices. Read full article >>

  • Challenging the justice system
    The decisions by two grand juries not to indict police officers in the deaths of black men mark an opportune moment — both depressing and uplifting — to write about civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson. Read full article >>


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