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Recipe for a Summer Day: New Hampshire, 1960







from the kitchen of SUSAN SHINN

1 five-year old girl
1 grandfather named Pop
2 rod-and-reel fishing poles
1 fishing net
1 small pail
1 bucket
1 tackle box
1 trowel
1 can of OFF!

About 2 hours before suppertime:
Place trowel in hand of small girl and lead her to shady back corner of vegetable garden. Place small pail nearby. Open soil with trowel and show her how to carefully extract the first nightcrawler. Place worm in pail with scoop of dirt. Watch her dig a spadeful and squeal as she finds another worm. Repeat until you have a dozen nightcrawlers in small pail.
Load equipment and worms into trunk of blue DeSoto.
Insert small girl into car. Front seat please, she gets carsick, like you. No seat belt.
Drive two miles to Stony Brook and park.
When girl hops out, have her cover her face with her hands and hold her breath. Spray quickly all over with mosquito repellent. Keep a Camel lightly clenched in your teeth so smoke serves as your own.
Load her fish hook with fat worm from pail and watch her swing it into stream.
Listen! Hear the wood thrush.
When line bobs, help her reel it in slowly, then swing your net under appended six-inch rainbow trout. Repeat as desired.
Cook on charcoal grill. Serve at old, scarred picnic table under the elm, with stories.

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