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Impressions and clicks are two important stats that an advertiser wants to know about. SheVille’s click-through percentage, that is clicks as a percent of impressions is high, which means our ads are well- targeted to our audience, 79% women, 21% men. is uniquely a digital publication with upwards of 1,500 monthly unique visitors. On average, we have 65% new visitors and are increasing our readership steadily through social media advertising (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and bi-monthly email outreach). Since starting our social media campaign in 2017, we’ve had a

– 48.3% overall increase in total web visits

– 66.02% increase in unique visitors

– 13.38% decrease in bounce rate

– 18.89% increase in new visitors

– 164.58% increase in social referral traffic

– 168.18% increase in email referral traffic

SheVille has a bounce rate of less than 8%.  This means that a) our visitors are interested and engaged with our topics and b) we have a very faithful collection of visitors with close to 50% of our traffic being return traffic. This means that our advertisers have repeated exposure to an interested audience. The first rule of advertising is: once you’ve told them, tell them again. That kind of exposure leads to familiarity and ultimately customer conversion.

Overall, banner ads (Top and Sidebar ads) can expect to be served over 18,000 times in the first quarter. 

Starting the spring of 2017, SheVille has allocated a budget to increase web traffic for a projected goal of increasing unique visitors 30% month to month through the rest of 2017. 

Women drive 80% of consumer spending and influence 90% of all home purchases.  (Stats and Facts – Women by the Numbers) online reader profile

Predominantly it’s women who are interested in services, products and events in Western North Carolina. They want to know about local places and people…You! We can help you develop a broad web marketing presence at an affordable rate.  Our ads start at just $120 per year and we know there is no other magazine that connects you with as many readers as SheVille for the price. Let us help you reach your target market.

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