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5 Ways to Calm Yourself When You’re Stressed

Stress is an important topic these days, especially in the current climate, when there is a high degree of unrest and uncertainty. Whether you’re stressed about the virus, the economy, your job, your family life, your finances, or a combination of all the above, learning to manage stress is vitally important for your physical and mental health.

Below we outline five critical practices that you can implement to help manage stress.

  1. Find Ways to Relax

Did you know that we store stressful emotions in our body? Any time we experience frustration, anxiety, anger, or fear, these emotions travel into our organs and muscles. This makes relaxation one of the most important tips when it comes to managing stress. Relaxation will not only help you unwind, but it can release stored up stress and calm your nerves.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to relax is to practice deep breathing. If you find this difficult to do on your own, practices such as stretching, yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation are also great ways to implement deep breathing. Alternatively, you could go out into nature for a gentle walk and sit quietly in a park or by a river. The critical thing about relaxation is to find ways to be mindful and stop that fast-flowing energy of thoughts and worries.

  1. Try to De-Select

One of the ways we unwittingly create stress for ourselves is by taking on too many tasks. Our to-do lists become massive, and we end up overwhelming our schedules. If you are in a period of stress, see what activities or chores can be removed from your life. Ask yourself if you really need to do all those things. By drawing boundaries and deciding what activities will enhance your well-being, rather than detract from it, you will lessen the stress in your life. So, try to de-select, rather than re-select.

  1. Take Time for Yourself

Taking time for yourself, even if it’s for 20 minutes a day, can also alleviate stress. If you find yourself doing too much for other people (particularly if you have kids), you must incorporate some me-time. By giving back to yourself, you can re-charge and gain back vital energy. Whether it’s engaging in a favorite pastime, a hobby, or a weekly gym class at The Club Fitness Facilities, doing something for yourself can help you feel less overwhelmed by all that you have to accomplish.

  1. Do Something Fun

Life can get too serious sometimes. When we stack up our jobs, finances, and home life, we can easily forget what makes us happy. Finding time to do something fun each week can help you release the gasket on all that pressure and appreciate the good things. Doing something fun is also a gift to yourself because you are allowing yourself the space for enjoyment, rather than obligation.

  1. Create Positive Affirmations

Stress, in many ways, is due to the thoughts we generate and how we apply those to ourselves. How often have you felt stress because you told yourself there’s not enough time, that there’s too much to do, or that you’ll never get it done? These will only serve to disempower you and intensify your stress because you feel helpless or incapable of achieving your goals.

By creating positive affirmations such as ‘all will be well’ or ‘I can handle anything’, you strengthen your inner resolve. You’ll feel tougher in the face of what is stressing you out and more able to cope in the long run.

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, try the above five tips to introduce more ease into your life.

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