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ADAIR SANDERS presents SUFFER THE CHILDREN: An Allison Parker Mystery @Malaprop’s

Join local mystery author Adair Sanders as she presents the fourth book in her much-acclaimed series the Allison Parker Mystery Series.

Book four, Suffer the Children, takes the reader into the uncomfortable reality of homegrown terrorism. Book Five, Wolf, is currently being downloaded from the Muse who directs Adair’s writing. 

SUFFER THE CHILDREN, Book 4 of the Allison Parker Mystery series

Fifteen months after the death of her husband, Judge Jim Kaufman, young lawyer Allison Parker takes on her first case in her husband’s old courtroom. The case—workplace sexual harassment—pits Parker against her legal nemesis, Jack Striker. Meanwhile, FBI agent Jake Cleveland informs private investigator Frank Martin and local sheriff Toby Trowbridge of a possible terrorist cell operating in Alabama. Under the name Operation War Eagle, Cleveland and a team of experts—including Swedish entrepreneur and ex-CIA operative Wolf Johanssen—begin an undercover mission to identify and infiltrate the terror cell.

When the team discovers the cell’s blood-chilling plans for an attack on local soil, Parker is drawn into the fold as the threat hits all too close to home. Despite working with Parker in the past, Cleveland is wary of involving her and advises the others to leave her out of the picture. Martin suggests that jumping back into the action may be exactly what Allison needs to complete the grieving process. But is it? This, the latest installment in Adair  Sanders’s Allison Parker mystery series, is a riveting affair that will have readers on the edge of their seats. 

For more information go to:  Malaprop’s Bookstore & Cafe Authors Search 



We all have dirty little secrets buried somewhere in our pasts…but for some of us, those secrets aren’t so little, and they must be protected—no matter what it costs. As Sick As Our Secrets is a gripping legal mystery that shows just how far some folks are willing to go to keep their secrets from being discovered by outside eyes. The story follows a successful young attorney named Allison Parker as she tries to get to the bottom of the mysterious
circumstances surrounding a case from which she was unexpectedly removed.

Allison hires private investigator Frank Martin to help her sort through the mess, and together, they discover a complex web of murder, blackmail, and sex entangling the firm’s managing partner and a defendant in the case. Just as the secrets surrounding the case begin to unravel, so do secrets from Allison’s own past—and everything she learns, about strangers and family alike, threatens to destroy
her life, if not end it entirely.

As Sick As Our Secrets is the first installment in the forthcoming Allison Parker mystery series by maverick author Adair Sanders, whose previous work includes Biologically Bankrupt: Sins of the Fathers, a 2012 Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards finalist.



Tenacious young attorney Allison Parker leaps into another gripping murder investigation in What Comes Around, the second book in this riveting legal mystery series set in Fort Charles, Alabama.

The story finds private investigator Frank Martin inviting Allison to join him once again, since they’d made such a great team before. Frank’s been hired by Sheriff Toby Trowbridge to help track down clues to the case of a dismembered body that was discovered in a shed near the interstate.
While Allison mulls over her decision, her law partner, David Jackson, is visited by a well-to- do stranger named Jefferson Boudreaux seeking help in contesting the will of a very wealthy local woman he claims is his birth mother. Is it a coincidence that Boudreaux has arrived in town just after
the woman’s body is found?

Intrigued, David takes the case, while Allison can’t help but agree to Frank’s offer, despite her busy workload—and her husband’s concerns. Readers won’t be able to put down this compelling story as the mysterious death quickly escalates into a race to stop a brutal sex crime killer from striking

A child of the South with a long history as an attorney, author Adair Sanders has crafted yet another compelling legal thriller with the resolute Allison Parker as the star.



In this third novel in the thrilling Allison Parker series, mystery and legal drama intertwine. Crackerjack trial lawyer Allison Parker teams up with her friend Detective Frank Martin once again. Only now, the two pros, along with the county sheriff, Toby Trowbridge, are investigating an attempt
on Frank’s life. Although Frank survived the horrific shooting, he has no recollection of the event. With Frank’s memory out of commission, the sleuths turn to the detective’s open cases to determine whether they hold any clues to possible suspects. A man named Sean McIntosh, who insists he’s

Frank’s long-lost cousin, supposedly hired Frank to investigate the theft of his racehorse. But is he telling the truth? Meanwhile, a high-profile divorce case in which Frank is a key witness has thrust him into the spotlight. Did his testimony anger someone enough to want to kill him? And then there’s
smarmy criminal Plato McCall, who just might want revenge on the detective. Who pulled the trigger? And can Allison and Frank track down the shooter before he or she strikes again? Find out in this spellbinding mystery full of shocking twists and turns.



2018 will find Adair at several speaking and signing events in WNC and beyond: Speaking on the topic of plot and character development as a part of Arts in March, March 23-24 in Brevard; speaking and signing at Malaprop’s Bookstore in Asheville at 6pm on April 12; speaking and signing at The Book Loft on Amelia Island, Florida, June 7 from 3-5. Several other events are in the process of being scheduled. Most exciting for the Allison Parker Mystery series in 2018 will be partnering of Adair with a Nashville, Tennessee producer to take this exciting series to cable TV.



The biblical warning that the sins of the fathers are visited on the succeeding generations is nowhere better demonstrated than in Biologically Bankrupt. In this sprawling, eye-opening memoir, Adair Sanders explores the dysfunctional family relationships that led to years of abuse, failed
relationships, depression, and alcoholism—and the remarkable redemption she found at her father’s deathbed.

Set primarily in Chattanooga, Tenn., Biologically Bankrupt introduces readers to a memorable cast. There’s Little Dickie, Sanders’ father, who remains oddly attached to his mother, rails against gays, blacks, and Catholics, and maniacally controls the lives of his wife and children. Sanders’ brother
fails to do much of anything after high school glory days, but remains emotionally and financially dependent on their father even as he emulates the abuse with his own family. Sanders’ mother attempts to leave her marriage but remains trapped – and endures a lifetime of disappointment. Then
there’s Sanders’ first husband, whose physical beatings give way to emotional attacks just as harsh. And that’s just for starters.

Through it all, Sanders traces the lineage of broken relationships back to her profoundly imperfect father’s relationship with his mother. And it is through this understanding of seemingly illogical callousness that she finally learns to accept the man and his faults. 

Frank, heartfelt and unflinchingly real, Biologically Bankrupt peels back the layers of family bonds and Southern society while it reveals essential truths about sexual repression, racism, class-consciousness, love, and abuse.


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