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What is Sheville?

Established in 2005, Sheville is a trusted news source and a place where women can connect with what matters most in their lives. This digital publication and online community exists through the Sheville website, newsletter and social media. These channels create a combined experience focusing on news about women’s lives & health, local community, business & finance, the arts, sustainability & the environment. The Sheville community is made up of smart, strong and empowered individuals who support women in business, politics, parenting and everyday life. 

Sheville Readers Overview readers are a majority female and between the ages of 25 and 65. Sheville readers have an interest in:

  • News & Politics
  • Books & Movies
  • Cooking
  • Community
  • Green Living
  • Outdoors
  • Wellness
  • Travel
  • Jobs & Career
  • Social Justice
  • Real Estate
  • Business & Financial Services

Promotion Opportunities

The Sheville community offers multiple opportunities to promote your brand, products, events and more to an audience of sophisticated and cause minded individuals. Advertising is available on, in our weekly newsletter and on our social media channels. Banners and Posts

Top Banner Placement – 728 x 90 – $159/month

728x90 ad size

Sidebar Banner Placement  300 x 250 – $72/month

300x250 ad size

Business Directory Listing – 1 Year – $240

Reach the Sheville community with a listing in our Women-Owned Business Directory. Business directory listings include your company contact information, a logo or image, a long description of your business, products and services and a link to your website. We are happy to create your business directory listing for your approval at no additional cost.

Sponsored Post / Product Review – $1295

A sponsored post provides an opportunity for you to share with our readers a more in-depth look at your products and services or events or other important information about your business and brand. Our editorial team will work with you to create a meaningful and quality post.  Product reviews will be conducted by our team and will provide an honest analysis of your product.  You will have the opportunity to cancel your product review should you prefer to not have it published.

Newsletter (Exclusive – Only one sponsorship per newsletter)

Text & Link – 1 Month (4 Newsletter sends) – $1495 

Be the only advertisement in Sheville’s weekly newsletter, a well regarded resource for readers. 

Please limit your copy to 280 characters and include a link to your company, product or event. We are happy to create your promotional copy for your approval at no additional cost. View a recent example of our newsletter here.

Social media – One time post – $50/channel

Tap into the Sheville community with a post on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile. Social media is a great way to drive attendance at your next event or traffic to your product.  Compliment any of the above advertising with an affordable social media post.


We celebrate our advertisers and will offer package deals for multi-month commitments. We also offer discounts for:

  • Any package including 3 or more products will earn a 10% discount
  • Businesses owned by a veteran, woman or minority will receive a 10% discount
  • Non-profits will receive a 20% discount

Discounts cannot be combined (only one per order).

Requirements & Rules

All ads & sponsorships are on an approval-only basis.  Please follow our basic guidelines:

  • Appropriate content for this website and our readership
  • Static graphic image (no animation) in .jpg or .gif format
  • All text must be clear and legible

Design services available at an additional fee.

The rates displayed here are available through March 31, 2021. Payment is due in advance before any promotions will be published. Scheduling is based on availability.

Please contact us to start your Sheville advertising campaign today.



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