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Ballroom Dancing: Benefits Beyond Simple Exercise

By Richard Cicchetti

Regular exercise is a critical part of any effective, health care regimen. Training the mind to effectively engage in a coordinated, physical activity has been proven to be an excellent way to maintain a healthy brain and cognitive function into the later years of life. Finding ways to have fun, be happy, and involved socially in life are also important elements of a well-lived life and good health.

There is no better way to achieve all the above than through dance. There are many forms of dance from which one can benefit health-wise.  Probably one of the most effective and fun forms is ballroom dancing, which engages the mind, the body, and the spirit in a harmonious, flowing dyad of beautiful movement.  

As a certified, professional dance teacher I can say, with confidence, dancing is one of the best activities you can do for yourself. Dancing is enjoyable and has many benefits beyond simple exercise. 

There are many scientific studies showing how dancing increases health, builds confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and memory. It’s excellent for relationships because it’s a wonderful activity for couples to do together. ​Ballroom dancing involves physical contact and moving two bodies in rhythm. It is a non-verbal form of communication based on touch. The Leader makes a decision what to lead. The Follower feels the lead, interprets it and makes a decision what dance steps and movement to make.

Research shows dancing makes you feel better. It’s mood altering… it allows you to forget negative feelings and thoughts and creates a positive, happy feeling. People who dance are likely to have a more positive outlook on life. The social aspect allows you to make new friends that have usually have similar goals and interests.

Dancing boosts memory, improves flexibility, reduces stress, diminishes depression, strengthens your heart, creates weight loss, improves balance, increases energy, strength and stamina. Science has proven dancing is good for your brain.  It increases neural activity and can heal your brain as it ages. It lowers the risk of dementia by helping find better paths through damaged brain networks. It helps prevent dizziness by boosting the cerebellum which can improve your balance. Dancing makes you smarter. ​It makes you more intelligent, helping your make quick and accurate decisions. It enhances memory by training your brain to find paths that help access stored information. It improves muscle memory helping you achieve complex moves by visualizing movements. Dancing improves mobility for Parkinson’s patients. It strengthens bones and boosts cardiovascular health. 

It is worthwhile taking lessons to sharpen your skills and augment your enjoyment of dancing. I invite you to contact us and discuss creating a personalized dance program for you.


Richard Cicchetti

Dance For Life

Asheville, NC


[email protected]

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