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What are your web statistics?

Because Western North Carolina is such a seasonal as well as a destination region, our monthly statistics vary.  SheVille’s readership is large, with folks finding us online and by word of mouth of course. Two-thirds of our readers come from the southeast U.S., then national and about one-tenth international.  We have at least 4500 unique visitors monthly, with hundreds of people online in SheVille at the same time at any given moment. Each year we typically reach over half a million hits a month. SHEVILLE IS OPEN for business 24/7!

What can SheVille do for me?

Lots! If you join us as a business resource member, we can help you have a broad web marketing presence at a very affordable rate. There’s also opportunity to sponsor your favorite non-profit program at a reduced rate.

If you join us as a non-profit program, we can help you to become known by a wider audience, some of whom could be just the ones looking for volunteer opportunities or who intend to move to WNC are are interested in supporting our local programs.

If you join us as a personal member,  you are helping us get the word out about the many extraordinary women’s, arts and environmental groups and events in Western North Carolina.  Purchase announcement space or sponsor your favorite non-profit program.

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