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Find the names and general locations of Asheville neighborhoods and Western North Carolina neighboring towns and cities.
History at Hand     Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods     Downtown Asheville Association    Mountain Housing Opportunities     City of Asheville     Welcome to West Asheville      Urban News – Gateway to the Multicultural Community

Community Public Input Session April 11, 3-4 pm

Calling all community members. Do you have ideas about improving access to child care in Buncombe County? We want to hear from you. Buncombe County is facing a shortage of child care and is working to expand access to high quality, affordable child care and pre-k.

Buncombe County is launching a new Early Childhood Fund and plans to invest $3.6 million annually to improve outcomes for young children. Grants made through the fund will focus on access to quality early childhood care and education. This is your chance to talk with members of the funding committee and weigh in on what you think is most important.

THE WOMEN’S HISTORY TRAIL Folk Heritage Association of Macon County, N C

Women’s History Trail: Walk in Their Steps

The Women’s History Trail…Small Steps… a project sponsored by the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County (FHAMC), is taking small steps that will hopefully lead to big strides for women’s history by celebrating the lives of Macon County women, honoring their accomplishments and creating a trail to “walk in her steps.” This project aims to weave together the disparate elements of our history: Native American, White, Black; those of all levels of society; those of pioneer stock and those more recently arrived, telling their stories through various art mediums/exhibits and markers along a designated path.

Choose Joy, Create Money Magic

By Rachel Tanksley

Does this bring you joy?  I bet the majority of you have heard this phrase before.  It is the heart of “KonMari,” Marie Kondo’s tidying and organizing method.  I became intrigued by Marie Kondo when my daughter was a toddler.  She teaches a super-efficient, space saving technique of folding clothes where you can still see each piece of clothing at the same time.  Boy was I excited by the prospect of having tidy toddler dresser drawers.  If you’ve spent much time around toddlers, you know that dream vanished quickly.  However, one concept I did incorporate into my life is asking myself the question “does this bring me joy?” and then acting accordingly based on the answer.

Public Lands Bill Provides ‘Lifeline For Migratory Birds’

(Washington, DC, February 25, 2019) Passage of the Natural Resources Management Act (S. 47), expected tomorrow in the U.S. House of Representatives, will signify a bipartisan win for birds and people, and a step in the right direction toward advancing wildlife conservation and recreation initiatives. The bill passed the Senate with a vote of 98-2.

Everything I Know About Feminism I Learned From Nuns – What it meant to be surrounded by educated women who were not wives or mothers.

By Liesl Schwabe in the New York Times and suggested for SheVille by Susan Shinn

It can be hard to trace the origins of our deepest convictions.

I was raised primarily by a single mother, cognizant, essentially from birth, that women can, and do, do everything, especially when no one else is around. I entered Antioch College in 1993, the same year the school’s sexual offense policy was relentlessly, internationally mockedfor introducing the idea of verbal consent. Not long after, I shaved my head at a Burmese monastery to persuade myself that I was not defined by my physical body.

Como Tú / Like You / Like Me Richard Blanco

By Richard Blanco   featured in The Academy of Poets

{for the D.A.C.A DREAMers and all our nation’s immigrants}

…my veins don’t end in me
but in the unanimous blood
of those who struggle for life…

…mis venas no se terminan en mí
sino en la sangre unánime
de los que luchan por la vida…

           —Roque Dalton, “Como tú”

DO NO HARM LGBT Center Action News letter March, 2019

Do No Harm: In late February, the Do No Harm Act was reintroduced into Congress to amend the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) of 1993. Originally passed as a response to a Supreme Court case which undermined the rights of religious minorities, in recent years interpretations of RFRA has been used to deny health care coverage for employees, claim exemptions to civil rights law, and impede justice in child labor and abuse cases.

GLOBAL ECO WATCH – Eye on the Planet

What Would You do to Save the Planet?

Offered by Alexander Gunler

When we talk about “the environment,” we are using a very simple term to describe concepts that are so much more complex. The air we breathe, the vast oceans that cover over 70 percent of our planet, the flora and fauna that inhabit each one of the earth’s biomes and ecosystems … all of these natural wonders must maintain a very specific equilibrium to flourish.

Starting with the dawn of the industrial revolution, human intervention has posed many challenges to these natural balances, resulting in an elevated number of environmental concerns we face today. With the Great Pacific Garbage Patch menacing the ocean, the Earth’s surface temperature expected to rise, and the planet constantly experiencing devastating, extreme weather, it’s time to ask ourselves: What are we doing to help? Continue reading

NORTH CAROLINA STATE POLICY WATCH – The Cohen hearing: Michigan congresswoman skewers Mark Meadows’ Trump defense stunt


Lawrence ‘insulted’ at GOP congressman claiming Trump isn’t racist since he hired Black official.

The U.S. House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday was as circus-like as you’d expect with Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, taking the stand. U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-Southfield) had a big moment in which she called out a Republican congressman on a stunt during proceedings.  Continue reading




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A NATION OF WEAVERS : The social renaissance is happening from the ground up

By David Brooks

Social fragmentation is the core challenge of our day. We long to be together, but we are apart. We are isolated by distrust, polarization, trauma and incivility. We live in a hyper-individualistic culture that pays lip service to community but which actually values success above relationship, ego above care, the market above society and tribal divisions over common humanity. A Nation of Weavers

~Sent in by Anne Bonnyman~

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