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Animals & Pets

BARKWELL’S – The Dog Lovers’ Vacation Retreats – Asheville and Brevard

You and your best friend are free to run, swim and play at Barkwells, where more than 8 acres of fenced meadows and a pond give you lots of room to roam in a safe, secure environment.

Located in the heart of the beautiful western North Carolina mountains, these eight vacation rentals have all the comforts of home, along with special luxuries for you and your people.

Animal Shelters/ Foundations

Asheville Humane Society

Asheville Humane Society is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization focused on saving lives of homeless animals. The organization is governed by an active, volunteer Board of Directors and supported by more than 3,000 active donors. Asheville Humane Society contracts with Buncombe County and the City of Asheville to operate the Buncombe County Animal Shelter.

On September 14, 2010, the Animal Care Campus for Buncombe County opened. The campus has two, separate facilities: the Buncombe County Shelter and the Asheville Humane Society Adoption Center. The Buncombe County Animal Shelter houses the Buncombe County Sheriff Department’s Animal Services division, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College’s Veterinary Medical Technology program, and the shelter for animals in transition. Asheville Humane Society contracts to operate the sheltering program. Asheville Humane Society transfers adoptable animals into their immediately adjacent Adoption Center through the Walk of Life which connects both buildings and is responsible for saving the lives of more than 1,500 dogs and cats annually through adoption placements.
Buncombe County

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Here at Brother Wolf, we rescue dogs and puppies, cats and kittens from local shelters, owner surrenders, and those who are strays. By taking these animals into our homes, we are able to provide them with a loving, nurturing environment where we can learn a lot about a particular pet. We get a good feel for what an ideal family would be for a particular pet, because we spend so much time with them. In addition to all the emotional care we provide, all of our pets are treated for any pre-existing medical conditions, such as heartworms or broken bones (just to name a few), and are spayed/neutered.

As you may be aware, the pet overpopulation problem in the Southern states is overwhelming. On a daily basis, hundreds of perfectly adoptable dogs, including puppies, are euthanized simply because there is no where for them to go. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue has created a program where we partner with local shelter and pull litters of puppies whenever possible.
(828) 779-6130
Buncombe County

Welcome to the Mimi Paige Foundation. Since 2001 we have been celebrating the human-animal connection in its many forms. Our goal is to advocate for responsible pet ownership through education and awareness. Through our public awareness campaign and the celebration of the importance of the human-animal bond, we hope to promote respect and compassion not only to our pets but to all.

The Mimi Paige Foundation was established in 2001 as a not-for-profit organization under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code by concerned residents of Western North Carolina. We are indeed a small volunteer organization with a big mission and a large heart. Our mission quite simply is to drastically reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats in Western North Carolina.


Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation

Our mission is to save animals from euthanasia in the Haywood County Animal Control facility (HCAC). Unfortunately, the number of animals who arrive at HCAC is so great that they can only remain there for a limited time before room must be made for more arrivals. We rescue those healthy and adoptable animals who are in danger of euthanasia.

Sarge’s challenge is that there are far too many animals needing rescue, nearly 3,000 in 2009. Our goal is for all healthy and adoptable HCAC animals to be placed in homes. We currently save many pets by placing them in local foster homes while we try to find permanent homes for them. If you would like to find out more about becoming a foster home please call us.
Haywood County Region

Three Dog Bakery – 21 Battery Park, Asheville


Welcome to Three Dog Bakery Asheville!

Three Dog Bakery is the world’s first full-functioning bakery for dogs! We use ONLY 100% human quality ingredients to create the best fresh baked, all natural and “pawsitively” yummy treats and food. 

At Three Dog Bakery Asheville, our mission is simple: to fresh-bake the world’s best dog biscuits and food, giving dog owners everywhere a healthy, all-natural bone-ified treat to give to their favorite four-legged friends. We add NO salt, sugar, chemicals, artificial preservatives or animal fat to any of our products. We also carry the world’s most delicious pre-packaged treats, and other goodies! 

Three Dog Bakery Asheville also carries a wide variety of leashes, beds, bowls, treat jars, toys and dog related gift items. Kitty lovers will want to visit our “Pity the Poor Kitty” section.

Stop by the bakery today to see what all the bark is about! Dogs are welcome as well behaved owners on leash.

Three Dog Bakery Asheville

21 Battery Park, Suite 103
Asheville, NC 28801

Phone: (828) 252-1818  Website: Three Dog Bakery Ingredients

Fax: (828) 252-1819



Store hours Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5
Call for holiday hours

Animal/ Wildlife NonProfit

  • Under contract with Buncombe County and the City of Asheville, Asheville Humane Society’s animal care professionals operate the Buncombe County Animal Shelter, the safety net for any lost, abandoned, or relinquished companion animal in Buncombe County. After 72 hours or less in the county shelter, all other costs of housing, evaluating, treating, rehabilitating, feeding, fostering, publicizing and preparing an animal for adoption are paid by Asheville Humane Society with privately raised funds.
  • We operate our Adoption and Education Center next door to the shelter entirely on donations and adoption fees with help from volunteers. We receive no government funding for our Adoption Center.
  • We operate the only open admission animal shelter in our community. We never turn our back on a lost, abandoned or relinquished animal.
  • We use private donations to pay for lifesaving medical care of sick and injured animals in the shelter so they can be adopted.  
  • We accept all animals regardless of health, age, temperament or beauty.
  • We partner with local, regional and national adoption placement partners to save lives.
  • Your financial gift stays local and helps the homeless animals in our community.
  • We have a proven, professional track record of compassionate care and progressive programming that has saved thousands and thousands of animal lives since 1984.  Asheville Humane Society Website


The Mimi Paige Foundation 

The Mimi Paige Foundation was established in 2001 as a not-for-profit organization under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code by concerned residents of Western North Carolina. We are indeed a small volunteer organization with a big mission and a large heart. Our mission quite simply is to drastically reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats in Western North Carolina


Nature Center

The Nature Society, now known as the Friends of the WNC Nature Center was formed in March 1975, and together with Center staff developed the Nature Centers mission: To educate the public to the natural history and ecology of the Southern Appalachians. The Friends serve as a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the Nature Center.
(828) 298-5600


Wild for Life 

Our Mission at Wild for Life – Center for Rehabilitation of Wildlife,is to provide qualified, professional care, housing and nutrition to injured and orphaned wildlife until they can be returned to their native wild habitats; as well as, educate the public regarding native wildlife, wildlife habitats, conservation and preservation of the precious environment we share.

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