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Health, Wellness, Personal Care

Acupuncture, Integrative and Functional Medicine with Ramsey Higgins, L.Ac.

Acupuncture, Integrative and Functional Medicine = HAPPY, HEALTHY LIFE

It’s ALL about YOU, Your unique self!  Come be nourished and completely respected wherever you are in life.
I specialize in Women’s Wellness. Celebrating all phases of a woman’s life: before or during moon-cycles, fertility concerns, hormonal changes, perimenopause, menopause, post-menopause….. celebrating and nourishing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of women…..ALL  layers of feminine goddess-Ness

TERRI CROSBY: Creating life-affirming, ever-evolving, happier relationships with those you love.

Since the early 80′s, I’ve been studying, observing, and experimenting in my own life, and talking to others about it.

What I found over the years is that yes, you can change even the most stuck or awful circumstances. Yes, you can rescue a relationship and it takes one person to do it — you.

Gentle Mothering Services

Gentle Mothering is a nonprofit organization that provides support to low-income women and Latinx families during childbirth by providing affordable childbirth classes, birth and postpartum services in Western North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

We understand first-hand, the importance of having personalized birth plans in place that provide the confidence and capability necessary for women to achieve their birth goals.

INNER VISION Guided Introspection

InnerVision is an educational organization offering self-discovery programs for those seeking to transcend adversity and discontent . The founder and director of InnerVision, Nancy Spence has facilitated awareness workshops for 30 years. She is a professional educator and licensed Minister who holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology and provides  private counseling for individuals and couples who are serious about their personal work and relationships.

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