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Couples Therapy Can Help Partners CommunicateBy Howard M. Turney, Ph.D., MSW and Rebecca F. Ward, MSW, LCSW

By Howard M. Turney, Ph.D., MSW and Rebecca F. Ward, MSW, LCSW

Couples really benefit from therapy. Self-help books, TV, movies and commercials are all about relationships. We are a species that needs relationships; most of the happiest folks are those who have found good friendships as well as a close emotionally intimate relationship. This is a complicated union, and a marital relationship often needs help to guide it through developmental phases so it can progress to the warm, loving comfort of a good marriage.

How we learn about relating, loving, being loved and trusting is born out of our early interactions with our primary caregivers, usually Mom and Dad, who hopefully loved us enough so that we could learn to love, too. If they came when we needed them, calmed our fears when there were monsters in the closet, sensed when we were hungry or out of sorts and tried to figure us out and make us better, that helped us learn. Consistent nurturing treatment by our parents is crucial to our own ability to form good relationships.

Why do couples have so much trouble? Much of that likely has to do with unrealistic expectations.   Continue reading

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