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MOTHER GROVE Goddess Temple

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MOTHER GROVE Goddess Temple

Celebrating the Divine Feminine

It says everything about Asheville that the chapel and offices of the Goddess temple are across the street from the First Baptist Church.

Mother Grove Temple was established in 2008. We have a full schedule of programs including public rituals for the ancient holy days (and Earth Day), religious education for adults and children, Full Moon ceremonies, Sunday morning meditation time, and rites of passage by appointment.

Workshops and classes are frequently offered in the little chapel, and “In the Arms of the Goddess” gathers clothing and food for members of the community in need. The temple also manages the Women’s Garden at Herland in north Asheville. Weddings and other and rites of passage by appointment.


The purpose of the Mother Grove is to create and maintain a permanent sanctuary where people of all faith traditions may openly and safely celebrate the Divine Feminine.  The sanctuary fulfills the community’s needs which include but are not limited to worship, religious education, community outreach and other charitable and religious activities.  Click here for more information


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Jean Cassidy is the previous owner of Sheville, and passionate supporter of women's causes.


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