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*EDUCATION AND HEALTH Some things to take to heart

How Tricia Hersey of The Nap Ministry Wants to Travel Into 2021


Poet, artist, and mental health activist Tricia Hersey shares how she’s finding rest as we travel into the new year.

Speaking to Tricia Hersey is a rejuvenating experience. After chatting with the teaching artist, community organizer, poet, performance artist, and theater maker for 10 minutes, I feel pumped up. But not revved up to run a marathon or anything—not even close. I feel amped up to nap. Contradictory as it sounds, it makes sense that this is the effect she has on people. Hersey is, after all, the Nap Bishop.If there was ever a year that we all needed a lie-down, it’s 2020. But Hersey has been preaching the power of rest long before this year shone a spotlight on all that is exhausting about our societyCLICK  FOR MORE


D.I.Y. Microgreens You Can Grow on Your Kitchen Counter

by Margaret Roach – NYT In the Garden

Since Kate Spring and her husband, Edge Fuentes, founded Good Heart Farmstead in Vermont in 2013, she has cultivated not just mesclun, strawberries and tomatoes, but also the abundance of the patience required of a farmer. Plant parenthood reminds us: Living things take time. And sometimes they have minds of their own.

Lately, as mother to Waylon, a 7-year-old son she calls “our best crop ever,” Ms. Spring is occasionally asked to dig down even deeper, in a growing test of wills — as she did after three long days of carrot harvest. “There are those moments, like when all those root vegetables need to be washed,” she said, “and your child commandeers the hose and washes you instead.” CLICK FOR MORE


Deep Sleep Protects Against Alzheimer’s, Growing Evidence Shows

by Jon Hamilton  NPR

During deep sleep, the brain appears to wash away waste products that increase the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

A host of new research studies suggest that this stage of sleep — when dreams are rare and the brain follows a slow, steady beat – can help reduce levels of beta-amyloid and tau, two hallmarks of the disease.

“There is something about this deep sleep that is helping protect you,” says Matthew Walker, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley.



In-person classes, Internet snafus, melancholy hallways: This is what teaching in a pandemic is like: Read one teacher’s 30-day diary, plus responses from readers around the world

Nikkina McKnight in The Lily

The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped everyone’s lives. For teachers, that has meant a new school year full of unknowns and readjustments: As some schools remain 100 percent remote, others are conducting classes in-person or doing a hybrid of both. That’s the case for Nikkina McKnight, who is a teacher of technology career education at Andrew Jackson High School, a public school in Kershaw, S.C.

We asked McKnight, 41, to keep a 30-day diary of what the first month of the school year has been like for her. This is McKnight’s 14th year teaching — but it’s like none other, as she manages partly online and partly in-person teaching. McKnight is also the president of the Palmetto State Teachers Association, as well as the mother of a 5-year-old son, Grayson, and a 10-month-old daughter, Logan.  CLICK FOR MORE>


Do you know of a Health Professional (practicing or retired) or Health Care Organization?

in Citizens Climate Lobby

The pandemic has brought into focus the importance of medical professionals. There must be thousands of CCL’ers who are health professionals, and we need to encourage them to raise their collective voice. While the climate crisis is becoming more widely accepted as a human health crisis among medical professionals, few are aware of the effectiveness of placing a steadily increasing fee on emissions. Our hope is that by building strong support among the medical community, we can leverage that support with medical associations, healthcare systems, and ultimately our legislators.

We currently have about 1000 health professionals who’ve signed on to the Health Professionals’ Climate Declaration with a goal of about 5000 by the November election and we need your help in encouraging health professionals or organizations to sign below.

To learn more:


Boomers And Other Retirees Are Handling The Pandemic Best; Gen X And Millennials, Not So Much

in Scary Mommy Minute

The other day I was home alone with my three children. All three of them were learning from home, as I was working from home, and I swear to you — it was everything I could do not to run out into the street, abandon my family, and live a Biblical life.

My 13-year-old son was on a break from homework, and watching some YouTuber. I told him that the dude on the video had an irritating voice, and I kid you not, he said “Okay, boomer.” I got pretty offended, but ultimately, it was just an insult to injury, considering how stressed out I was.  CLICK FOR MORE>


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