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Featured Book & CD: TOWARD the CLEARING, by Jean Cassidy

We’ve done a re-run of my poetry book and CD, Toward the Clearing, more copies available!

Jean describes her poetry as “a choreography of words” as she joins her poetry with musical accompaniment. Her poetry book includes a CD of the poems accompanied by oboe, English horn, flute, piano, fretless banjo, violin, and balafon in the final product that is a beautiful collaboration with regional musicians and readers. Jean’s work has previously been published in It’s All Relative – Tales from the Tree,  in The Great Smokies Review – Online Publication through UNC Asheville, in Speckled Trout Review, fall 2019 in These Trees by Ruthie Rosauer

In Ordinary Time  Click to hear Susan Shinn read “In Ordinary Time” with piano accompaniment by Lytingale

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.   Robert Frost 


Year after year we await forsythia, 

to see brilliant yellow

florets like tiny fireworks. I spy

peony’s purple velvet

fronds in quiet explosion.



But since I’ve been alive

there’s been a back story that competes

with each emergent spring.

A black story that drains color from the sky.

(Do you know the story

about the accidents, the nuclear accidents?)


Soon I expect to see day lily, lilac,

viburnum’s miniature burgeoning bouquets



The story also begins

in New Mexico, nineteen forty-five

then Greenland  



the Soviet Union and Japan, 

then Baneberry at Yucca Flat


and Three Mile Island  



and Zaragoza Spain,

Costa Rica


and Tokaimura Japan 

Panama, Thailand,



Ordinarily it’s true, crocus, jonquil and quince quietly

arrive      live      flourish

no accident life

goes on…

ordinarily that’s true.


To purchase the Book/CD click here –  AMAZON BOOKS OR MALAPROPS BOOKSTORE & CAFE , Asheville or .  Published by Main Street Rag, Charlotte, North Carolina   Price: &17.95   


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