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Girl Trek Pledge

GIRL TREK Healing, Movement, Sisterhood

This is our effort to mobilize a million Black women to save their lives. To honor our bodies and our histories and our futures. So lace up your sneakers, sis, and walk with us – and share that graphic and spread the word.

Nearly ten years ago, the two of us challenged our friends and family to walk with us, just like generations of Black women before us. We began walking to heal our bodies, inspire our daughters, and reclaim our neighborhoods. To rise up and greet each day with the resilience of a sister who knows her power. Now, we’ve grown to over five hundred thousand. Thousand, y’all! That’s more than just #BlackGirlMagic – it’s #BlackGirlHealing. It’s a movement for our lives.

But we’re not done. Because now we’re aiming to make this revolution one million women strong. We’re who we’ve been waiting for, and the trail is out there waiting for us. Now that you’re here, it’s waiting for you, too. We are honored to welcome you into the revolution and walk alongside you – okay, maybe not right alongside, but six feet of social distance can’t break this sisterhood! And now, we need you to spread this word!

Will you share this graphic on your social media accounts to tell the world about GirlTrek and our revolution of Black women reclaiming our health and our lives?

Thank you for everything.

Vanessa and Morgan

P.S. You’ve heard us say “sisters” or “sisterhood” like fifty-leven times, right? That wasn’t an accident – we really want to build a network of Black women who can lean on each other and share experiences. One more way to do that? Following our Instagram. We post inspiration, pictures from GirlTrek teams around the world, self-care tips, all of that! Go check it out and give us a follow!


SheVille Team

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