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HELPMATE of ASHEVILLE – SAFE HAVEN SOCIETY Envision a World Free of Violence!

Empowering Our Community to Create a World Free of Violence
Safe Haven Society
At Helpmate, we are fortunate to have the strong support of our generous community. Our collaborations with other organizations, partnerships with area businesses, the participation of many faith communities, and the ongoing philanthropy of individuals makes this work possible, and we are grateful.  Contact Helpmate



This month, we launch the Safe Haven Society to recognize one group that makes a big difference for Helpmate, year in and year out. Safe Haven Society members provide support of at least $1,000 or more on an annual basis. We are especially pleased to announce that the Safe Haven Chairs are long term supporters, Ann Lewis and Don Swaby. They readily agreed to lead this effort and when asked why, each had their own reasons:

I have been fortunate in my life to be surrounded by both Gentlemen, and gentle men. However, it only took an afternoon at the Helpmate Women’s High Tea a few years ago hearing stories, statistics and facts to show me how lucky my life had been. It CAN happen to anyone. It CAN prove nearly impossible to get out of an abusive situation. And, there are very few places one can hide and find help. I have supported Helpmate in its work with domestic violence victims since that event, and I urge you to find out more about the problem and Helpmate’s collaborative solutions to addressing them. -Ann Lewis
I believe, in a civilized country it is the responsibility of those who can to try to protect the most vulnerable in that society. In the United States the most vulnerable are the very young, the very old and women who find themselves in an abusive situation. When a woman with children is abused, the children are also affected, physically, emotionally or both. The scars can last a lifetime. Helpmate is so important to our community because it stands ready to support those who cannot readily protect themselves. -Don Swaby
Safe Haven Society Members
Joel and Marla Adams * Elizabeth Alvandi * Holly and Bernard Arghiere * James and Carol Bailey * Bonnie and Paul Bellows * Ada Lea Birnie * David and Laura Bourne * Marlene Breger-Joyce * Beverly A. Brignolo and David W. Robb * Ed and Donna Broadwell * Robert Brunk * Dr. Cecilia and Paul Caldwell * Al and Libby Campbell * Buzzy Cannady * Denise Carbonell and Derek Dominy * Esther Cartwright * Delphia Clarke * Terry and Debbie Cline * Nancy Crosby * Jane Curran * Wendy Danielson * Jerry De Land * Jurgen and Leslie Dierks * Sally Duyck and Robert Peterson * David and Chloe Duncan * Katherine Early * Jennie Eblen and Rick Perkins * Rick and Bridget Eckerd * Barbara and Michael Keleher Family * Shirley and Ernest Ferguson * Nicole and Kyle Ferrell * Joe and Terry Fishleigh * Willam and Lucy Finch Gaddy * Brad and Allison Galbraith * Marie Gillette * Bill and Lynnell Goacher * Mickey and Kay Goodman * Jim and Joyce Greene * Larry and Barbara Griswold * William and Danelle Hansen * Barbara and Ernest Harwig * Bob and Jane Hite * Dr. Jill Hoggard-Green * Cindy and Tom Holman * Gerald and Caroline Keller * Paul and Judy Lerwick * Bob and Ann Lewis * Beth and Lauren Livingston * Richard and Rebecca Manske * Sue and Raymond McClinton * James and Caroline Morris * Dr. Jennifer Mullendore * Roger and Midge Nelson * Greg Olson and Rosalind Willis * Ladd and Ginny Painter * Harli and Kevin Palmer * Michelle and Karl Payton * Robert and Martha Pierce * Ginny Raviotta * Jonathan Reily * Dr. Robert and Kim Reynolds * Amy Mandel and Katina Rodis * Hector and Rosana Romero * Katherine Rorison * Joyce and Bill Sederburg * Clare Shapiro * Joe and Hannah Silberman * Tom and Bonnie Spradling * Dr. Jason Sprouse * Deborah Ann Sternberg * Dr. John P. Stewart * Jana and Dana Stonestreet * Margaret Storey * Donald and Susannah Swaby * Ted and Terry Van Duyn
Don’t Miss!
DoubleTree Fall Art Exhibit Opening to benefit Helpmate!
115 Hendersonville Rd.
Tuesday, September 25, 5-7 pm
Featuring artist Valentino Bustos, who draws from the natural beauty and splendor of North Carolina to create his art. 10% of sales donated to Helpmate!




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