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HERE’S THE THING so it doesn’t go unnoticed







Written by Jane Edwards

Yes, here’s the thing, the BIG THING. House Bill 2, called “the bathroom bill” deals with quite a few things that are utterly unrelated to bathroom privileges and which negatively impact citizens in our state more than public bathroom privileges.

In addition to being a statewide measure that, while avoiding naming them directly, bans LGBT people ( including some veterans and students) from using restrooms in state-related facilities consistent with their gender identity.   

 Did you know that HB2 also: 

•        Takes away the rights of local governments to pass anti-discrimination laws protecting people from discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation

•        Eliminates the ability for NC employees to file claims to State courts for employment discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, and age (a right that NC employees have had since 1982).   Now, wrongfully-fired employees must go straight to the Federal courts. North Carolina is now only one of two states that don’t provide these employment protections.
•        Prohibits local governments from establishing a minimum wage higher than the state standard of $7.25 an hour.
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SheVille Team

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  • Rain


    “We the people” means all of us. I’m a firm believer in legislation that supports the rights of all people and I’m opposed to any legislation that doesn’t. It’s sad to think that this is still an issue in this country. Thanks for all you do, SheVille, to keep readers informed and to share information that is compassionate and insightful.

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