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How Technology is Making the Travel Experience More Sustainable

TravelTech is changing the way that we explore the world around us. As the goal of frictionless and sustainable travel gets closer to realization, travel companies are using revolutionary ways to ensure that travelers get to where they want to be with as few barriers as possible. From mobile phones that let you check into hotels to biometrics at airports, easier and more seamless travel is becoming an increasingly achievable goal.

As we head into 2020, TravelTech is only going to become more prolific, but there is a growing demand for improved sustainability alongside that seamless travel experience. For airports, hotels, public transport providers, and for travelers themselves, here are the many ways that TravelTech is changing the journey, improving environmental impact, and altering the way that we move through the world.

Improved Connectivity

Much has been written about the Internet of Things (IoT). Linking devices to each other creates new opportunities for travelers and the brands that rely on them. This has lead to hotel guests being able to check into their rooms with fewer delays at the check-in desk, and for more streamlined personalization that enhances the customer experience. As the IoT continues to grow and become an integral part of travel, it is fast-becoming the cost-saving solution that can cut down on travel time and costs, reduce carbon footprint, and ensure a more streamlined and environmentally friendly journey.

Faster Planning

We have almost limitless access to information about our destinations of choice. That has made planning a more environmentally aware trip much easier and often it takes just a few hours to research and organize a break no matter how long it will be for. As more people than ever are looking for a vacation that speaks to them on a personal level, platforms like TripAdvisor, green organizations, or social media review pages can make it easy to work out a more sustainable travel agenda. Those reviews can help make decisions about what to see and which environmentally friendly businesses and destinations to spend time and money on.

Customer Satisfaction

The tourism sector relies on positive experiences, and that means gathering customer feedback is crucial. Now, customer feedback is easier than ever to collect, analyze, and use to make improvements to the travel experience. With airports and hotels making growing use of customer feedback systems like HappyOrNot, they can get immediate evaluations on service delivery in real-time. If a traveler has a complaint about waste or unnecessary energy use, they can make their thoughts known quickly and easily. This has made it simple to make proactive changes to travel brands and spaces that will only lead to a better and stronger business.


One of the most revolutionary new tools at the disposal of the transport sector is the use of biometrics. Although it is yet to see widespread adoption, biometrically guided travel is set to become as widely used as the IoT. If you hate the frustration of long queues at airports, think how easy it will be to get on your plane if you don’t have to queue up just to show your passport. Cutting down on travel times and waiting times is one of the key ways that the travel sector is tackling energy waste and improving sustainability. Travelers can now walk straight through the gates and into the waiting lounge without delay. Fingerprint scanners, facial recognition systems, and iris scans are only growing in use in hotels and airports, and are set to be the next big leap in TravelTech.


Technology is changing the way that we live and work, but it is also changing the way that we spend our free time. For those that love to travel but hate the idea of unnecessarily increasing their carbon footprint, TravelTech is already making huge improvements to the travel experience. As travelers demand more from the brands that they travel with, the technology must continue to be adopted by every business that relies on tourism and travel to survive. Fail to adopt the use of the latest TravelTech and your brand could fall behind faster than you think.

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