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Watching Senator Jason Chaffetz is Fascinating!



In this short op ed, Jane Edwards shows us how to read between the lines. See what you think.

by Jane Edwards

I am fascinated watching Jason Chaffetz whenever he is asked about the investigation into  Michael Flynn:

Reporter:  Senator, did former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn break the law?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz: I have seen absolutely no scintilla of evidence or, certainly, no empirical data that would lead me to arrive at or to support the conclusion or supposition that Mr. Flynn did anything at all relevant or germane to the reporting of any payment for, or involvement with any foreign nation as that nation’s paid mediator or arbitrator, to actually comply with or hew to existing statutes. And, anyway, a decision, however remote, to bring any charges against General Flynn would fall to the administration, via the Justice Department and Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard  “Secession” Sessions III.

Reporter:  Uh, so that’s a “yes”? Mr. Flynn broke the law?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Well, “break” is a very strong term.  As a matter of fact, I broke my foot twelve years ago, and in just the past week, this very same foot has developed a serious, life-threatening condition for which my surgeon has insisted I immediately return to Utah and undergo a critical surgical revision.  So, that is why I will be resigning from my position as the Republican Senator for the great state of Utah, and returning to my home, where my wife and children reside, and who are tearfully imploring that I return in time to spend some quality time with them before I am rendered permanently incapacitated or dead by my foot emergency, and, furthermore, it would be a little strong to say that he flat-out lied.

Reporter:  What? Who lied?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz:  OK, now. If you cannot keep up with the conversation, I wish you good day.  You may refer any other questions to my office, and I will get back to you, assuming I survive the surgery.

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