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If you watched “Dominion” at UU last Friday 9/14, and If you missed it…

Offered by Charlie Wussow

“Dominion uses drones, hidden and handheld cameras to expose the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture, questioning the morality and validity of humankind’s dominion over the animal kingdom.”

For those of you who came to Friday’s Environmental & Social Justice film “Dominion”, thank you!  I know it was difficult to watch, but I was impressed by how many of you came to the screening even though you knew it would be an uncomfortable experience at the very least.

If you did not see the film, and want to educate yourself on this extremely important topic, you can select the link,, to learn the ways the film may the viewed.

I would also like to thank the several people who thanked Iris and me for screening the film.  To paraphrase one comment, “now that I know, what do I do?”.  While these people were not asking me what to do, they seemed to be asking themselves if they were willing and able to make choices that would reduce or eliminate their participation in the cruelty toward animals.
To that end, I would like to share some links to websites and hints that can:
1.  Educate you about a plant-based diet, which will not compromise but in fact would improve your health. 
2.  Provide easy plant-based recipes using readily available ingredients that can satisfy your taste buds.  In the past few years, the availability, cost, and taste of meat and dairy free food products of all types has increased dramatically.
3.  Show you how and where you can identify and purchase animal-free products such as shoes and handbags, clothing, cruelty-free personal care and cosmetics, and household goods.
See the following links below.
Health and nutrition:
Online recipe sites:
If you google easy vegan recipes, or vegan recipes for meat lovers, or ….you get many sites to choose from, but as with non plant-based recipes, it depends on what you like.
 A pretty good one is Oh She Glows
Modern Vegetarian Kitchen, by Peter Berley
Plant-Powered Families, by Dreena Burton
There are many others.
Cruelty-free products:
Misc Hints:
We in Asheville are fortunate to have many restaurants that have plant-based options, and most servers know what is “vegan” on their menu.
While the widest variety of plant-based meat and dairy substitutes may be found at Whole Foods, Earthfare, and the co-ops, mainstream grocery stores such as Ingles, Harris-Teeter, etc carry more and more products every year.  Many are labeled “vegan” or “dairy-free”, but in some cases you may have to look at the ingredients, e.g. some non-meat breakfast sausages have egg.
Local shoe stores such as Tops, Discount Shoes, etc carry non-leather shoes, and salespeople either know or can look up a specific shoe’s materials.  Many shoes have labels that identify if leather is used.  You can also buy “vegan” shoes online from many stores, e.g.
The Internet is a great resource for all types of cruelty-free products.  
You may also email Iris or me individually and we will try to answer any questions you may have.  Above all, do not let yourself get discouraged.  Start with understanding that you do not NEED meat or dairy.Try some plant-based “substitutes”, and go from there at a pace you can sustain.  Here is a link you may enjoy.
At the end of the film, the narrators mentioned the significant positive environmental impact from the elimination of animal product consumption, but it was short and easy to miss.  It is the largest environmental impact an individual can make, and requires no action from a government or organization.
Thanks again for watching the film!

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