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NCLCV Releases 2018 Environmental Legislative Scorecard

Where did legislators rank on North Carolina’s environmental priorities in 2018?

RALEIGH, N.C.—A day before early voting begins, the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters released its latest annual scorecard taking a comprehensive look at where every legislator stood on the environmental issues most important to voters during the 2017 and 2018 sessions.

Read the full scorecard here. Included are each legislator’s scores, and their votes on the bills we scored; a report card for Gov. Roy Cooper’s term thus far; explanations of the issues at play over the last two sessions; and an examination of the proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot this fall, through an environmental and voting rights lens.


Conservation Action: Fight Voter Suppression

Citizen conservation advocates have joined with other public interest organizations to fight against a new effort to suppress broad voter participation in North Carolina.

The NC House is scheduled to vote this afternoon on a proposed state constitutional amendment to require voters to show approved state photo identification before voting in person. The bill puts the amendment up for a vote this November, and would allow a lame duck special session including defeated legislators to implement the voter ID requirement before January. The process is designed to allow the current partisan supermajority to enact the nation’s most stringent limitations on voter rights and unfairly disadvantage poor, elderly, young, and minority voters in the future.  Continue reading

Campaign Watch: Conservation Voters Endorse McCready

The national League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund last week endorsed clean energy leader Dan McCready for election to North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District.

McCready is co-founder of an investment firm that has helped to build dozens of solar farms around the state. He also serves on the board of the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association. McCready said, “As a clean energy entrepreneur, I’ve been dedicated to helping build solar farms all across North Carolina. Protecting and preserving our natural resources is a vital mission. To me, conservation is not just a responsibility, it is a moral imperative.” Continue reading


Legislative Watch: For Dirty Energy, Money Shouts

If the old cliché says that “money talks,” for dirty energy in the current North Carolina General Assembly, fast cash was shouting last year. Analysis by environmental reporter Lisa Sorg shows that Dominion Energy (a key backer of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline) poured generous contributions into the campaign coffers of legislators considering anti-environmental legislation that would boost the pipeline’s legal position. Most of the cash flooded in within 10 days of a key vote on overriding Gov. Cooper’s veto of the bill. Read the dirty details here.

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