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Keywords and Why They’re Important

What are keywords, and why do you need to bother?

Keywords can be practically any word that you put up on your website except the grammatical articles and other connector words. The reason that you care is that keywords determine how people can find things on the web.

When you google something, what do you do? Suppose you live in Hendersonville, and you need a plumber. On your search screen, you type “Hendersonville plumbers.” Those are keywords. Hopefully, you then get a list of plumbers, and you then take the search wherever you need to next. But how did those businesses end up on the Google search in the first place?

When a webpage is designed and published, almost any word on that site can be catalogued by a search engine. The problem is, there may be one million websites that have the word “plumber” on them. These days, a single keyword is not enough. When people are searching for businesses, they almost always do what I described above: they type in the name of the type of business and the location where they want the service. Thus, your website needs to have both of these words prominent in text. A graphic only doesn’t do you any good at all.

A few years ago, I was doing optiimizing for a site here where they had a really nice graphic which included a logo, the address and the phone number. The problem was, the name “Asheville” wasn’t featured at all on the page. When I simply changed every page to include a tag line about proudly serving Asheville and Western North Carolina and making no other change, the Google listing went from page 29 to page 6. That’s how important the city/region keyword can be.

The more you repeat the primary keywords, the more search engines “get it” that this is your primary business.




SheVille Team

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