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MARVELOUS INVENTION FOR WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH! We invented words about being a woman

By Nneka McGuire for The Lily/The Washington Post – A brand-new vocabulary to describe life in a male-dominated world

Words give our lives meaning, literally. They allow us to distill our thoughts and experiences into a form that others can understand: language. And while the English vocabulary is a veritable feast — consisting of approximately 1 million words, by some estimates — occasionally the perfect term isn’t on offer.

In those cases, creation is necessary. New words are born frequently, and despite their young age, they can feel ubiquitous. (Case in point:  mansplain, in which a man arrogantly explains something to a woman. Merriam-Webster says the term’s first known use was only about a decade ago, in 2008.)  Illustrations by Olivia Waller   CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

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