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SHEVILLE.ORG Has New Owners!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that new ownership has come to SheVille! This team of experienced & passionate women will begin managing effective immediately.

Va and I  have been very selective in ensuring new ownership would only be a positive move for SheVille, and that the core values will continue long into the future. The new owners we selected are passionate about supporting progressive women’s causes such as social justice & education – and are eager to get started on growing this business. We are thrilled about the expertise that each of the three new owners brings to the SheVille experience. Tory is a current Asheville business owner and mentor for women in tech/marketing. Heather is an experienced product manager who will be focused on improving the experience and value we offer to readers and advertisers alike. Brenna works closely with content planning to create more of the high-quality content you are used to receiving from SheVille. They look forward to getting to know you and the other readers in Western North Carolina and beyond. CLICK TO SEE THE NEW SHEVILLE TEAM    Reach them at [email protected]  

Now, more than ever, we appreciate the need for a comprehensive resource to connect women and make an impact on the community. Together with the new owners, we have been very busy this Summer & Fall, planning for this transition and the enhancement & expansion of SheVille’s mission. Here are some of the exciting changes our new owners have in the works: 

– Growing readership through strategic investments in high-quality journalism. We’ll be working to grow traffic that will benefit advertisers with more readers on their brands.

– Adapting and growing advertising & sponsorship opportunities that closely align with these causes, while providing more value to the local business owners investing in them.

-Expanding exposure to advertisers and content contributors.

We hope you will welcome the new owners at your first opportunity. I (Jean) will personally remain involved with the site as this transition occurs, as a content contributor & editor, and helping in any way that I can. Please feel free to reach out with any comments and questions.

We’re excited for the future of and making your experience exciting, informative and fun!

Thank you to all our readers, contributors, advertisers, friends, and neighbors who have watched SheVille grow over these fifteen years. Your work, support, suggestions, questions and observations have helped us along an exciting, albeit sometimes rocky and challenging road. Special thanks to the crew of workers and consultants who got SheVille up and running: Lee Wilkerson, Annice Brown, Anne-Marie Dany, Kathryn Bradley, Cory, Jo Foster, Kerry Daniel, Sharon Oxendine, Candy Williams, J. Lee Lehman, Jane Hatley, Marilyn Ball, Louise Bahia Thompson, Lisa Keeter, Rain Hummingbird, Lin Sharp, Dan Cropper, Sarah Benoit and Dawn Chitwood..

It is bittersweet for both of us to let go of…but “to everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, and a time for every purpose, under heaven.

Very best wishes to the new SheVille Team!

Jean Cassidy & Va Boyle  



Here’s a peek into the past, when SheVille was an experiment and an adventure into an idea of what a different kind of women’s magazine could look like…

The new “rolled out” on the Asheville Trolley at the front of the Chamber of Commerce, Sunday June 5, 2005

It was a lovely graduation day week-end, so downtown was packed for a big celebration! Folks hopped on and off the trolley…we sang along with singers and the rousing band at the back of the bus, we toasted and munched, sang and frolicked through the afternoon. Every trolley stop was a new experience with riders on and off, waving, cheering, and the folks on the street singing along.

SVRibbonSharronJanetShinerSmaller 2SVRibbonChamberScissors 3

The ribbon cutting with Va, Jean, Kathryn Bradley and Rick Lutovsky > the decorating committee, Sharron, Janet, Shiner

Kathryn and CorrieSmaller 2a SVRibbonBusSmall

The first SheVille tech crew with Kathryn Bradly at the helm.  Ready to pull away, in the middle is Susie St. Claire in her blue Womansong T shirt



Jean Cassidy

I grew up in Chicago and began my working career at age eight as founder and CEO of “The Scrub Club,” a cleaning business I began with four neighborhood kids. My Dad was a builder, so I thought house -related work was a pretty good way to make some money to be able to use at the  ice cream truck . The Scrub Club business was quite successful, until the parents caught on to what was happening almost every Saturday morning.

I earned an undergrad degree from the Barry University, and graduate degrees from the University of South Florida and the University of Michigan in clinical social work practice. I spent my professional career in community mental health, developing and managing clinical mental health systems and services at Hampton House-League for the Handicapped group home in Detroit Michigan; St. Joseph Hospital ER in Tampa, Florida; Catholic Rural Social Services in /Atlanta/Cumming, Georgia; Psychological and Educational Consultants in Gainesville, Georgia; and Mountain Area Health Education Center, Ob-Gyn Residency Teaching Program in Asheville, North Carolina. The most satisfying part of my career over 35 years has been in direct clinical work with patients, clients and especially students in training.

I was a member of the Dominican Sisters of Adrian Michigan for 17 years – a wonderful group of women on missions around the globe serving those in need.  In 1996 I joined another vibrant, and loving group, the community chorus of Womansong  of Asheville (  Check out our New Start program providing grants and scholarships for those in need  Womansong New Start

I’m a poet and writer. My first book entitled Through the Clearing, was published by Main Street Rag in Charlotte. 2021 begins, Va’s and my 40th year together…we married February, 2016 after a courtship of 35 years. (Smile)


Virginia (Va) Boyle

I’ve worked in many different areas over the years, from florist delivery, to shoe saleswoman, to secretary.   I started my professional career in medicine finishing a bachelor degree in medical technology and chemistry. Following that, I worked as a medical technologist in several hospitals in Little Rock, Arkansas and Tulsa, Oklahoma, and taught laboratory techniques to medical students. Soon after that I found the career nearest to my heart – psychology, and I earned a PhD at Peabody College at Vanderbilt.

I worked as a clinical psychologist in mental health education and treatment facilities  for 40 years, first as director of the Child Developmental Center of Brunswick, Georgia, as associate professor of  Special Education at North Georgia College in Dahlonega, Georgia, and then in private practice. I established and developed Psychological and Educational Consultants, Inc in Gainesville Georgia, in 1980, treating individuals, groups, children, and families.

The greatest satisfaction and joy I’ve found throughout my professional career has been in working alongside clients in discovering personal “revelations,” gaining new insights, and developing and growing in new life skills. I enjoy music, nature, art and crafts, but most of all I enjoy time spent with family and friends… and relationships with animals and other living things…like plants and my vegetable garden. I’ve been a member of the wonderful community chorus Womansong of Asheville since 1997 ( ) .


SheVille Team

We are a one-of-a-kind magazine that provides local, regional, national and international information about women’s lives and education, performing and visual arts and writing, the environment, green living and sustainability and regional Western North Carolina business, people and events.

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