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Spanish Influenza Cover

NEW RELEASE: Spanish Influenza: Nineteen Days in 1919 – from the diaries of Hilda Dorothea Zapf

Denise D’Angelo Jones Releases Her Book “Spanish Influenza: Nineteen Days In 1919” During COVID-19 Pandemic

Readers are taken on a journey through the accounts of a young lady that survived the Spanish Flu. There are details of hand washing, lockdowns, wearing of facemasks, and care for the sick!

Denise D’Angelo Jones is proud to announce the release of her book, “Spanish Influenza: Nineteen Days in 1919”. The literary work is an account of events over 100 years ago, during the Spanish Flu.

The book contains information recorded by Hilda Dorothea Zapf, who lived in Mendota, Illinois from 1899-1994. For 88 years, she recorded detailed accounts of her life in volumes of diaries hidden away in one of the closets underneath the steps of her Indiana Avenue home.

When Denise’s mother passed away in 2019, she left her aunt’s diaries to her care. During the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, Denise revisited the diaries and found similarities in the Spanish Influenza and COVID-19 pandemic which is currently ravaging the world.

The book contains details of events about hand washing, lockdowns, masks wearing, and visits from Dr. E.P. Cook, Jr. There are also accounts of gossip –and a few giggles, along with information of how Hilda’s family survived the pandemic, making the book an exciting read.

For more information on how to purchase the book, please visit here.

Spanish InfluenzaDenise D’Angelo Jones is a writer, retired chiropractor, and award-winning songwriter. She is a lover of adventure and commits her time to exploring the depth of human imagination. Over the past few years, she has written three books. This book is the first one she has published, and it’s already gaining traction among her fans.

Spanish Influenza: Nineteen Days in 1919, is an insightful read for those who want to learn about how people survived the Spanish Influenza about a hundred years ago.

The book is not only informative, but also educative, and provides an appealing perspective to surviving the current pandemic. Readers will be able to go back in time, to experience life during the Spanish Flu, and will then be able to connect these revelations with what is going on today.


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