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PHOTO SHOOT, the second novel in a Channey Moran series of environmentally conscious thrillers by Jon Michael Riley

Western North Carolina resident Jon Michael Riley, author of fiction novels based on actual major events in recent history, has released the second book in his Channey Moran action/thriller series. Photo Shoot brings the reader face to face  with Somali pirates during the kidnapping of a group of American tourists. Propelled into a gripping evaluation of his life, Channey must survive a rescue mission headed by the notorious Roy Roy while deciding to what lengths he will go to help people he doesn’t even know.  


The true story behind this fictional rendition began when the 2009 hijacking of the MV Maersk Alabama caught Riley’s attention in 2010. Inspired to write Channey’s next adventure, Riley investigated many resources including a memoir from survivors of a lengthy stay in the Somali bush and Jay Bahadur’s book about his time spent among Somali pirates. For most anyone living in the Western Hemisphere, East African pirates and criminals are distant and arcane problems perhaps irrelevant to daily life. Out of sight, out of mind. Riley’s new novel sheds light on the victims’ point of view when kidnapped, brutalized, and held captive by pirates during a time when pirates are terrorizing every sort of vessel, small or large, in the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea, and the Indian Ocean after no American vessel had been seized by pirates since the early part of the nineteenth century.

Photo Shoot
Two American couples sailing across the Indian Ocean are brutally taken hostage by Somali pirates only a day’s sail east of the Seychelles Islands.
A homeless woman freezes to death sleeping next to St. Brigid’s Church across from New York’s Tompkins Square Park. She has renowned New York photographer Channey Moran’s name and phone number in her pocket. Roy Roy, the world’s most wanted environmental activist, is in hiding in Belfast. He learns that his Boston friends’ lives are in mortal danger as captives of Somali pirates, and begins plans to rescue them. Channey Moran knows none of the above. But he soon finds a treacherous journey of redemption awaiting him.



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The Irish File: Images from a Land of Grace

While Ireland has always been a perennial favorite among travelers, with some 6 million visitors last year, Irish culture has a stronghold in the United States: of the 70 million people of Irish descent worldwide, 44 million are American. Ireland—its landscape, religion, history, arts, and eternal romance—are all an integral part of the American imagination.Jon Michael Riley’s The Irish File contains stunning imagery of this beloved country packaged in an elegant format that includes five decorative vellum pages. From a lone, thin tree swaying in a fierce sea wind to a statue of St. Patrick solemnly watching over a tiny, ancient cemetery, from a white enamel bowl tinged by dim afternoon light flowing through lace curtains to a Connemara mare slowly ambling through a barren field with her newborn foal, Riley’s work captures the many facets of Ireland: its mystical nature, beautiful landscape, and rich historical and religious culture.

Just as Riley reveals the majesty of Ireland through photography, so too does best-selling author Nuala O’Faolain unveil its subtle poetry. With an introduction by O’Faolain as well as literary excerpts from wellknown Irish writers, this sublime volume is a visual and literary treasure that is as captivating as the country it portrays.This stunning coffee table photo book is available through Amazon:


Jon Michael Riley is a veteran New York studio and location photographer. Though retired from his studio on 37th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues, his commercial work is syndicated worldwide by Getty Images and his artwork is represented in private collections and museums to this day.

Riley relocated to a mountain cove outside of Asheville, NC in 1991 and turned his creative eye toward writing truth based fiction novels inspired by major events in recent history.
Connect with the author at:


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