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Rand Paul’s AHA – a disaster fueled by pride





Written by Jane Edwards

Rand Paul’s AHA is not a suitable replacement for the Affordable Care Act. His is an act of desperation that will harm millions of people who will become uninsured if it passes.  It only benefits the wealthy. Coverage won’t be better. Insurance won’t be cheaper. This proposed law is a disaster in the making.

The most recent talking point against the ACA is that premiums and deductibles are too high for people who are insured. The AHA will only make premiums even higher, and for more people. Here are some reasons why:

AHA drops the unpopular individual mandate.  So, no more penalties for not having insurance. However, a ton of people will drop coverage. Costs will increase because fewer people are funding the system and these people will wait until their health problem is severe before they seek treatment (then, just like the old days, they will go to ER, costing everyone else even more).

AHA drops the employer mandate –  Companies may begin offering so-called “skinny” plans, or simply stop offering group policies altogether.  

AHA, of course, reduces taxes on the rich (go figure). So the very rich can still afford health care and get taxed less, while the middle class loses out. Ryan’s answer to this is through flat tax credits that are significantly lower than under ACA.

It is no defeat for congress if they simply repair the parts of the ACA that need repair.  For Rand Paul, to do this simple thing is tantamount to eating an unacceptable quantity of crow.  The entire Nation is hostage to Rand Paul’s pride.

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