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SONG SouthernersOnNewGround


The Legacy and Dream of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer communities as committed to liberation, dignity, and safety for all people must be remembered, amplified, and carried forward….

SONG builds a beloved community of LGBTQ people in the South who are ready and willing to do our part to challenge oppression in order to bring about liberation for ALL people.


  • Whole selves: SONG creates spaces in which all of a person’s identities are honored and affirmed – no one is asked to prioritize one over the other, and no one is left behind. We believe in building, renewing, and supporting Southern activists.
  • Self-determination: SONG creates spaces in which people can grow and be challenged, and are expected to strive to be their best whole selves. SONG expects that members will not hinder the self-determination of others through acts of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, hatred, and intolerance.
  • Member-driven: SONG’s commitment is to its members. We want to strengthen members’ skills and help them build connections with each other.
  • Connection: SONG brings people together so that they can overcome feelings of isolation and organize with others who share the same worldview. SONG connects groups in the South who are doing similar work. SONG sees the interconnections between different systems of oppression. SONG also connects the experience of Southerners to global conditions, and trains people to see the connections between the conditions of their individual lives and larger systems.
  • Vision: SONG is visionary, not reactionary. SONG organizes for hope, not in response to fear. We build, connect, and sustain a kind of organizing that is not limited by the boundaries of race, class, culture, gender and sexuality; an organizing that amplifies hopes and dreams of transformation to a better world. We organize to build the world we really want to live in.


SheVille Team

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