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Meet the Sheville Team

Welcome to Sheville – We are so excited to have you here! Here is a little bit about who & what we are: We are smart and capable women, with 30 plus years of experience in business, tech, and additional fields. We greatly respect the values embodied by Sheville, and plan to continue that legacy, as well as expand upon these principles.


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Tory Gray – Co-Owner, CEO

Tory brings 12 years of experience in digital marketing, mentorship, and business strategy. She is wife to the coolest nerd around (he builds everything from apps to games to furniture!), and mom to the most adorable 6-year-old girl. Ever. No bias here, we promise.

“I’m so excited to be a part of this wonderful community, and the chance to build a ‘women’s interest’ site that ‘goes deeper’ than what is typically offered, exploring the many wonderful and varied aspects of being a woman.”

When she is not running her business, Tory is busy spending time with her family. She house-hunts as a hobby, loves to travel, and enjoys everything that goes with it: planning the perfect trip, culture, good food, wine & fancy cocktails, high tea, and visiting historical sights. She loves the coziness of a rainy day, perfect for curling up with a good book, movie, or puzzle.

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Heather Kaeowichien – Co-Owner, Head of Product Management

Heather is also a business owner, prior to Sheville, and a mother who has spent the majority of her career in software and web development. She previously held the position of Director of Product Management for a SaaS platform before deciding to focus on her family and business. She has enjoyed a long career being the bridge between technology, business, and creativity.  Heather is married to a master of technology and is mom to the cutest 3-year-old boy.

“I was searching for how I could help with social injustices and, serendipitously, Sheville came into my world. I knew that Sheville was the right next endeavor for me as an opportunity to provide a platform for women’s voices to be heard.”

In her free time, Heather most enjoys running, watching documentaries, and playing board games. She also loves to socialize and travel and is looking forward to a post COVID-19 pandemic world where we can all enjoy those things again. She is a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson and is one of those people who decorates too early for the holidays.

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Brenna Lynne – Co-Owner, Head of Social Media & Content Planning

Brenna (who also happens to be Tory’s sister), previously worked in healthcare for 14 years, and currently works in SEO & content production for various clients, including The Gray Dot Company and Kern Media. She has always had a love for reading, and a knack for finding typos, which makes her a natural fit when it comes to planning fantastic, meaningful, and high-quality content.

“I have always been passionate about women’s causes, social justice, and sustainability, even more so in recent years. I see Sheville as an incredible opportunity to explore important issues, provide quality education and information, and make a positive impact on society.”

Brenna loves to read, puzzle, take long baths, and undertake all manner of crafty endeavors. She spends her time experimenting in the kitchen (most often without a cookbook), and especially enjoys preparing fun meals and get-togethers with her friends and family. Someday she wants a huge garden to grow all of the things (to cook with, of course!), and a house filled with furniture she has refurbished herself.

Victoria Andrews

Victoria Andrews – Editorial Intern

Victoria is a student and an Environmental Policy major at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont. Originally from Westford, Massachusetts, she discovered her passion for environmental causes through her engagement in local composting initiatives. Her hope is to edit, share, and amplify stories and experiences of women involved in work that promotes social justice, both in environmental capacities and beyond. 
In her free time, Victoria loves to sing, hike, and spend time with friends and family. She enjoys curating Spotify playlists and is constantly listening to a wide variety of music. She hopes to someday live on a farm surrounded by nature and animals. 

Jean & VA

Jean Cassidy & VA (Virginia) Boyle – Original inspiration for Sheville, and previous owners

Jean grew up in Chicago. She is a board-certified clinical social worker (BCD), who spent her professional career providing inpatient and outpatient community mental health services in the Midwest and the Southeast. Va (Virginia) was born in Malvern, Arkansas, the youngest of five. She is a Ph.D. clinical psychologist with expertise in children, family, couple, and group psychotherapy. She owned a private practice in both Georgia and North Carolina.

In 1997 they retired (for the first time) and purchased from its originator Leigh Wilkerson, with the idea of creating an online platform for information on women’s needs and interests regarding social, economic, and gender equity, and to provide local artists and businesses affordable advertising.

Are You Interested in Getting Involved?

Sheville Focus Group

Our focus/advisory group members provide us with content ideas, suggestions, and requests for content. Members are people who have knowledge + experience in the following areas: Women + Children, Education, Wage Equity + Employment, Reproductive Health, Healthcare, Domestic Violence & Discrimination Based Crimes, Racial & Gender Equality, and the Environment/Climate/Sustainability.

Your opinion matters to us – If there is a specific topic you would like us to explore that will add to your lives, or if you are interested in contributing content, or being part of a Sheville focus group, please Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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