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The Illinois House of Delegates voted to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment! ONLY ONE MORE STATE TO GO, NORTH CAROLINA!

We did it.  Tonight the Illinois House of Delegates voted to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.  The vote was 72 – 45.

Our thanks to Representative Lou Lang whose leadership, strength, patience and eloquence shall be forever remembered.  As will the date of May 30th, 2018.

Thanks to every delegate that voted “yes” and thanks to all those who spoke so beautifully today about why equality for all Americans under our Constitution is needed now more than ever.

The Illinois House voted Wednesday night to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment more than 45 years after it was approved by Congress, putting it one state away from possible enshrinement in the U.S. Constitution amid potential legal questions.


“The 72-45 vote by the House, following an April vote by the Senate, was just one more vote than needed for ratification. It does not need the approval of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, who has said he supports equal rights but was faulted by Democrats for not taking a position on the ERA.

“I am appalled and embarrassed that the state of Illinois has not done this earlier,” said Democratic Rep. Stephanie Kifowit of Oswego, a Marine veteran. “I am proud to be on this side of history and I am proud to support not only all the women that this will help, that this will send a message to, but I am also here to be a role model for my daughter.”

Helping to propel momentum for the measure was a resurgence in activism for women’s rights amid national demands to root out sexual discrimination and harassment in American culture in response to the #MeToo movement”.  The Chicago Tribune


We’re floating on a cloud!

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With all our love and thanks,

Kamala, Natalie, Joel, Lizzy, Jules, Sarabeth, Wendy, Rachel, Thila, Jeri and the entire EME team.

SheVille Team

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