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THE LAST EMPRESS OF FASHION – A feature documentary debut film about Mila Anufrieva

Produced in Hollywood, this is a true story of a woman who built a $100M luxury fashion empire, defeated cancer, got business hijacked by the KGB, fled homeland with a KGB spy’s help and became the Ambassador of Made In Italy.

A directing debut by Gala Pawl, an award-winning executive producer, a unique story of a genius businesswoman who worked her way from rags to riches, through illness, betrayal & back to the stars – will inspire women and cancer survivors.

  • She built a $100M luxury fashion empire, 
  • On the peak of success had been diagnosed with stage III cancer and was guaranteed to die, 
  • but took her 1% chance and defeated the cancer. 
  • While she had been on treatment, her fashion empire was hijacked by male competitors in conspiracy with the KGB.
  • When she surprisingly did not die of illness, the KGB opened a fake case to shut her up, jail and kill her there, 
  • but one of the KGB spies thought it to be wrong and risked everything to help her flee to Italy. 
  • There she started her life and career from zero level again. 
  • In 2017, she was elected an ambassador of Made In Italy, e.g. now she is the face of all the Italian fashion industry
  • more than that she is the first Russian woman in that role in history.
But even having achieved that much again, Mila spends her time and money to care for over 170 orphaned kids in Guinea-Bissau, the country she flies to almost every month. She builds a school there, houses, provides the supplies need. This is how she sees her mission – to help the kids who live in poverty just like she did decades ago, when she had no money even for dolls but dreamt of working in high fashion.
This is a true story, my heroine lives in Milan and she is one of the best stylists in the world – a friend of Gucci, Fendi, Rossi & other designer families. She’s a real role model type of woman, and I am thrilled to be making the feature about her.

EYESHOW PICTURES, Los Angeles, November 2018 starts the production of The Last Empress Of Fashion feature – a true life story of a business genius MILA ANUFRIEVA who built a $100M luxury fashion empire, defeated stage III cancer but had to flee homeland because of the KGB’s plot to falsely accuse, jail and kill her after hijacking her company. In 2017 Mila became the first Russian to be elected as the Ambassador of Made In Italy in history. Now she personally takes care of over 170 orphaned children in Guinea-Bissau.

GALA PAWL is an executive producer and a documentary director from Los Angeles who debuts with this unique female-driven and female-produced project. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s The Golden Globes speech, Gala couldn’t miss the story of undefeatable cancer survivor taken down by owerful men who failed to win her over in a fair competition.


MICHAEL VAYNBERG, joined the project as a re-enactment scenes director, to make the live actions scenes look and feel amazing. He is a multi-award winning director from Los Angeles who taught directing in NYFA and won The Best TV Show of the year. 


BETH KUSHNICK,  production designer of The Good Wife, The Good Fight (CBS) and many A-list Hollywood features has joined this female-driven project.

DEN PANOV, shot his last feature with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, is a director of photography on this project.

Fashion films like MCQUEEN or DIOR AND I are very popular, but they tell the stories of A-list designers. The Last Empress Of Fashion will show the backstage of luxury fashion retail – the side of the business that makes the sole existence of brands possible.

Gala Pawl comments: “We need more films about ‘women who made it’. In the times of MeToo and Time’s Up a lot of sad but inspiring stories are still untold. Mila’s life is the best example of men using power to take down a more talented, truly unique rival. It’s the story of a cancer survivor, one-of-us kind of woman who worked hard to make it from rags to riches. It’s the story of a woman who now spends all her time and money to give future to over 170 orphaned kids as if seeing her younger self in them and wishing them the best life. Mila’s story will give us all the chance to peek behind the curtains of luxury fashion retail, it will inspire girls, women, cancer survivors and… just every human being who has a heart”.

Partially funded by Gala, the project starts a crowdfunding campaign in November to attract additional funds to shoot cinematic re-enactments and international interviews.


On November 13 IndieGoGo campaign for this unique story started:

Official site of the film:

contact: Gala Pawl, Christine Yeo –

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