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Climate Change and Action

Taking on Climate Change

The beast we have to face is staring right at us. It’s time for climate action.


Climate change is not a taboo term for people overly sensitive about Mother Earth. It’s a real issue affecting the human population and our planet, and its potential for catastrophe is coming at an alarming rate. So why is it we as Americans don’t take it seriously enough when so many other nations realize the writing is on the wall and change has to happen or our species will be no more?

From how we farm to how we waste, there is a large-scale rethinking that has to be enforced and practiced if we’re going to save the planet for us, our families, and future generations. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord is a good start.

In states such as California, there are huge tax breaks and energy bill discounts for homes using solar panels which incentivizes citizens to make the transition to using more solar energy and eliminating unnecessary waste. If more states join California with incentivized programs for power and electricity, I do believe the nation will be well on its way to course-correcting some of the environmental impacts of waste. This will be an ongoing conversation here at Sheville, but for now, take a look at some of the climate news happening.

  • Cooler-than-average conditions engulfed much of Spain during January 2021, resulting in a national temperature that was 0.6°C (1.08°F) cooler than average—this was the coldest January since 2009 for Spain and the 16th coldest since national records began in 1961.
  • The United Kingdom had its coldest January since 2010 with a temperature departure of 1.5°C (2.7°F) below average. Regionally, England and Scotland and Northern Ireland also had their coldest January since 2010. According to the UK Met Office, the first two weeks of January brought wintry conditions to the region, which caused some travel disruption.
  • Sweden had its coldest January since 2016.
  • The Kingdom of Bahrain had a national mean January temperature that was 1.5°C (2.7°F) above average and tied with 1953 and 1999 as the fifth-highest since national records began in 1902.

Climate Change and Climate Action

Are you a Teacher or know someone who is?

The Labor Outreach Action Team is working on getting an endorsement of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA) from two large education unions — the NEA and the AFT.

Also, if you are interested in helping to get students more involved in climate action please visit: Help with Student Outreach

Are you a Farmer, Rancher, or know someone who is? [email protected]

We have started a statewide NC Agriculture Action Team focusing on farmer outreach and need volunteers who are farmers or know a farmer. Farmers talking to farmers is key to this process. We have several strategic ideas to get started and one of them is meeting with the NC Farm Bureau for our third time in the process of being set up. If you are interested in joining this effort please contact us below and join the NC Agriculture Action Team in CCL Community. Climate Change affects us all. Time to band together.

The United States Will Rejoin Paris Climate Accord

The move is one of several climate-related actions taken by President Joe Biden on his first day in office

By Theresa Machemer  in Smithsonian Magazine

On his first day in office, President Joseph R. Biden Jr. signed 17 executive orders, including one stating the administration’s focus on addressing climate change and rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. The international accord goes into effect for the U.S. in 30 days, on February 19.

President Barack Obama signed an executive order to commit the U.S. to the Paris Climate Accord in 2015 alongside a goal to reduce the country’s carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2025, from levels detected in 2005. In 2017, President Donald Trump moved to withdraw the U.S. from the accord, a decision which went into effect last November. By that point, the U.S. was only about halfway to the emissions reduction target.

As a part of the Paris Accord, participating countries are expected to create new climate action goals every five years. Because emissions reduction efforts were stunted during the previous administration, experts point out President Biden will need to enforce more aggressive environmental policies than his predecessors in order to get back on track. The World Resources Institute has proposed that the U.S.’s 2030 goal should be to reduce emissions by 45 to 50 percent from 2005 levels, Lili Pike reports for Vox … READ MORE

International lawyers draft plan to criminalise ecosystem destruction

Plan to draw up legal definition of ‘ecocide’ attracts support from European countries and small island nations

November, 2020 by Owen Bowcott in the Guardian


International lawyers are drafting plans for a legally enforceable crime of ecocide – criminalising destruction of the world’s ecosystems – that is already attracting support from European countries and island nations at risk from rising sea levels.

The panel coordinating the initiative is chaired by Prof Philippe Sands QC, of University College London, and Florence Mumba, a former judge at the international criminal court (ICC).

The aim is to draw up a legal definition of “ecocide” that would complement other existing international offences such as crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide … READ MORE

City of Asheville committee to hold  climate justice public input session

The Sustainability Advisory Committee meets to discuss the state of the environment. 

The Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment (SACEE) will hold a virtual public meeting at 6 p.m. Oct. 28. The City of Asheville declared a climate emergency when City Council approved and adopted Resolution 20-25 on Jan. 29, as endorsed by SACEE. In declaring this emergency, the City has recognized not only the importance of taking action to reduce the impacts of climate change but also the importance of incorporating social justice into those actions.

As stated by the NAACP: “Environmental injustice, including the proliferation of climate change, has a disproportionate impact on communities of color and low-income communities in the United States and around the world.” READ MORE

Marcella Durand’s Apocalyptic Pastoral

Durand’s urban environment in The Prospect is a source not of solace but of anxiety.

in Hyperallergic by Marc Scroggins


The cover of Marcella Durand’s The Prospect (Delete Press, 2020) is a strange marriage of the pastoral and the apocalyptic. The 2010 photograph shows the performer Kazu Nakamura, resplendent in white, his arms spread, in the middle of a Wordsworthian meadow. But this is no simple meadow: it is the North Mound of the Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island — officially closed to new trash in 2001 and in the process of becoming a vast park. Behind Nakamura’s patch of pasture, beyond a band of dark foliage (and a billboard advertising “YOUR AD HERE”), we can see a vista of oil refinery buildings … READ MORE



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