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Jo Wise Mind

WISE FROM WITHIN: An Important Book to Help Schools Open Again

Let’s make the first class the science of self-care. These morning announcements will help and heal.

Jo Wise Cover


What We Imagine We Create!  Let’s Get This in 30,000 Schools

Let’s start with the basics.  We are looking for inspirational ways to start the days and teach about the science of self-care.  This morning announcements book will help teachers, parents, administrators, and students to heal and emerge stronger.

  • Quotes from diverse leaders 
  • Questions to make life connections
  • Empowering short passages to launch a topic that prioritizes health, wellness, and self-starter learning.  
  • Digestible messages about brain science, exercise, growth mindset, gratitude, sleep habits, connection to loved ones, nutrition, nature, and the basics of our inner world.

Here is my plan of 3’s:

  • 10,000 books funded through Indiegogo – to arrive on schools’ doorsteps
  • 10,000 books purchased & distributed by a large school district to teachers’ doorsteps
  • 10,000 purchased by parents – remote learning is upon us and we need help!

Why Now?

We have all subscribed to an education system that was “pre-COVID”.  Now, we are a changed society.  We have a grand opportunity to steer the system in the direction we want.  We don’t know what education could look like after re-opening, but we know we want it to be better.  Does improvement put more emphasis on being truly WELL as individuals?  You bet it does!

  • The inner voice, the subconscious mind, is craving an intentional positive message each morning.  Repetition is the birthplace of our core values.  
  • We can all attest, being healthy was the #1 priority when we locked down.  Let’s assume health can keep this ranking.  Let’s teach the HOW from now on. 
  • Every year roughly 3 million youth turn 18.  Doesn’t everyone want mental health established (at least grounded) in these young adults before they make big decisions?  We need a self-aware and vibrant new influx of voting citizens to enter society.
  • BIPOC heroes have historically been less discussed in schools.  The narrative changes now.  65% of the leaders in this book are BIPOC.   
  • Leaders, scientists, therapists, and visionaries have been saying many of the same messages, and many wait until late adulthood to discover them.  The young ones are able to absorb these concepts, whether we realize it or not.  Let’s bring the world of self-help into to a daily message of school.  
  • Teachers need inspiration more than ever.  Lift up the home team.

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Ring the bell for me a bit.  Send this (ideally in a personal message) to someone you think might be interested.  
  • Nominate this project to get funded in a different way:…
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools
  • Stay connected or contact me through
  • close your eyes for 30 seconds and send me & the book project love.  😉




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