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Write for Us – Freelance Writing Opportunities with Sheville

Sheville is seeking freelance writers! We are focused primarily on stories concerning female-identifying, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC individuals. We are interested in covering people and projects that inspire us. Our goal is to provide a safe space for people of all backgrounds to share their experiences and provide a collective opportunity for learning, unlearning, and discussion. We are looking for a diverse set of stories and experiences that align with each of our five major categories – culture, environment, relationships, wellness and work. That’s to say, your freelance writing doesn’t have to be women-centered, but it should align with our mission and values. We prefer research-based editorial writing, interviews with experts, and relevant news coverage to op-eds and personal narratives.

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Who Are We Writing For?

Sheville’s site focuses attention on current progressive news about policies that impact women and families within the context of racial, gender, educational, and economic issues with special attention in the area of social justice. We believe that how it goes for women and families in a community determines how it goes for the community at large.

We value and have as our guiding principles the ideals of diversity, creativity, balance, collaboration, kindness & compassion, and sustainability & environmental preservation that challenge greed, exploitation & domination.

We hope to include content that aligns with this mission and presents safe and informative material for all readers. We write for an audience that doesn’t have to have a background in the topics we choose to enjoy and learn from the work. We also write for a diverse, open-minded audience that is willing to challenge both themselves and us through learning and unlearning together. 

What Kind of Articles Are We Looking For?

We are accepting article submissions in each of the following categories: 






Your work can touch several of these categories if you would like. We are most interested in the story you have to tell, and we know that your stories might not fit into a single classification. 


Submission Guidelines

Please refer to the following guidelines below to ensure your submission: 

  • Is original and not already published elsewhere, or in consideration for publication elsewhere
  • Falls within at least one of our five categories: Culture, Environment, Relationships, Wellness, Work 
  • Is within the word count and is formatted correctly
  • Contains images you have the rights to share
  • Shares the best methods to contact you on relevant social media platforms 


We only accept original content that has not been published elsewhere. Articles should be between 750-1500 words in length, and articles should be formatted in AP Style. Include your name as you would like it published, a title and subtitle and a word count at the top of the page in your first draft. It is expected that articles will already be checked for spelling and grammar at the point of their submission, but we will edit spelling and grammar and run any necessary checks – link verification, plagiarism checks and reference checks – as needed. We will always communicate any changes to writers for final approval prior to publishing. 

Only submit images that you have the rights to. We will edit submitted images to fit stylistically within our site, and we have the right to add media to your submissions. 



Get paid for your work! We will pay freelance content writers $100 for each article published. This includes the submission of the original article and written approval of all edits made by our team within seven days of being sent to you. Payment will be made immediately after the article is published and after the writer has signed a contract. Note that payment does not extend to articles submitted that we decide not to publish. 


Sharing Work:

Please include a headshot and any social media handles you would like us to tag in a separate attachment. Additionally, if there is any additional information about yourself you would like us to include in a writer’s profile, please include a bio of 100 words or less that can be shared alongside your article on our website and on social media. Please include this information even if you have submitted work to us before, so we can make sure we have your updated information. 

Submit Your Work Here

To submit your work, please submit a Word or Google document (.DOCX) to this interest form or send either a Word or Google document via email to to get your pitch approved PRIOR to submitting a finished piece. 

In your pitch, please include a brief 100-200 word description, including your chosen topic, the category it falls into, and some of the major ideas you intend to explore. Make sure to make the angle you’re trying to take clear, and you are welcome to submit several pitches if you have several ideas of content you would like to write. 

We reserve the right to update or change our submission process at our discretion. In these cases, changes will be documented on this page and we will notify any writers we are working with. We will be in communication with you in either case, and we will send you a link when your piece is published. 

Thank you for considering us for your content submissions! We look forward to working with you, and are so excited to share your experiences, insights, and creative contributions with the Sheville community!


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